On the way back from a wedding in Lands End recently, we stopped off at the Eden Project on the way home.  I was almost as excited about this as I was the wedding.  For ten years I have been longing to go but it is a rather long way from London to go especially to do a round trip in just a day. So thanks Jess and Daniel for giving me a reason to pass by those biomes finally! Oh and congratulations too 😉

It was everything I hoped it would be and so much more.  I love plants and flowers, I love reading information plaques (a bit too avidly some might say as I feel the need to read every one of them word for word) and I love taking photos of nature. Here are some of my favourite ones from the day –

eden project - wild flowersI love wild meadow flowers like these – left to get on with it naturally!

eden project - wild flowersMore wild flowers left to it

eden project roses-in-full-bloom
How beautiful are these roses? Such a pretty delicate colour and in full bloom.

eden project HibiscusDid you know part of the hibiscus plant is used to make mascara?

eden project head-aliumsThe aliums are watching the people intently.

eden project aloe-aloeAloe Aloe – just imagine all the aloe vera juice you could extract from these!

This was a great day out and what makes it even better is that the entrance fee you pay goes straight back in to an educational conservation project. Eden Project is a charity that funds projects all over the world that bring about environmental, social and economic regeneration.

For more information or to plan your visit: