This is Mimi. She smiles.

I know why she smiles; I don’t know any dog that has it better.

She eats mostly organic meat. To keep as many nutrients in the meat as possible we feed it to her raw. However, over time, and with the treats bestowed upon her (think kippers, smoked salmon, pate, livers, Bruh Estate stuffed chicken legs and Aberdeen Angus seasoned burgers) Mimi has become bored of plain, bland food; she turns her nose up at it. So, we have taken to getting creative with her meats. Sometimes we add herbs (oregano, basil, rosemary, paprika, cumin, cinnamon to name a few!), sometimes cheese, sometimes we mix a tiny bit of our sauce from human food in. She loves flavour and is happy to eat food when dressed and finished. Yes, we pander to this need, is it ridiculous? I don’t know. We have taken the stance that as she is a rescue dog before her life with us she had a hard time and now she deserves only the very best. Her grandmother even bakes her secret recipe doggie cupcakes, which Mimi is a massive fan of!

She also gets to sleep in the bed, under our Hungarian goose down duvet with organic cotton sheets. When she looks this cute, how can we say no? Fact is, we can’t, even though Charlie is allergic to her hair. He hasn’t been able to breathe properly for the last six months…

Mimi’s coat is so glossy and shiny, I partly believe this is down to her amazing diet. Doggie owners, take note! Organic meat is not always that expensive and works out cheaper than organic dog food (which often has nonmeat ingredients in it as a way of keeping costs low.) I have tried many natural beauty products on her, however, the product that leaves her hair the glossiest, that leaves no build up and gets rid of all the dead skin from her skin, is Evolve’s Skin Cocoon Moisture Wash, £8.49. It foams well and a little goes a long way on a dog. Poochie pampering at its finest!