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Make Your Own Skincare Products by Sally Hornsey


Being a regular creator of my own recipes, I was interested to see Sally Hornsey’s Make Your Own Skincare Products. The book is aimed at beginners but is an excellent go-to for intermediate to advanced level creators. I know a lot of Simply Beautiful fans also read Biteable Beauty, if you enjoy making the recipes from the magazine at home then this is a great book for you! It gives you access to many recipes for all different skin types and also has a chapter dedicated to rosacea, acne and eczema. There are also handy charts showing many different essential oils along with their properties and benefits for various skin types which enables you to make variations on the recipes featured.

This book contains some basic biology and chemistry and the layout and presentation did remind me of a textbook. The content is really well written, informative without being patronising and the chapters that precede the recipes are an excellent introduction to making your own skincare products. It covers all the fundamental basics; equipment you will require, basic anatomy of the skin and its role in the body, the requirements of different skin types and ingredients that will meet these needs.

For me, the book has given me a refresher on extractions and inspired me to experiment some more with various herbs, plants and flowers, as I have only made rose and lavender extractions before. Expect to see some videos up soon of my experiments and results!

Make Your Own Skincare Products by Sally Hornsey available from www.amazon.co.uk £8.84

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