How to Look Pretty not Plastered is an excellent reference book for those who need a little advice when it comes to the art of applying of make-up. A lovely illustrated guide to various different looks with step by step instructions on how to achieve each look. Written by professional make-up artist Emily Rose, the book begins with a lovely introduction which covers a very topical subject – airbrushing – or “Real beauty and the myth of perfection”. An excellent photo example is given showing the tricks of the trade and breaks it down to show how photo shoot images are photoshopped. For an interesting and insightful take on the extent of Photoshopping in the media, watch this video here.

Emily then goes on to talk about skincare in great depth, emphasising that true beauty really does begin with glowing, healthy and well looked after skin. She is an advocate of natural products, which was something I was very happy to read! The book also breaks down each component of a make-up look (base, concealer, powder, etc) as well as tools to give a real in-depth knowledge to the reader. This book would be an excellent gift to a teenager who is just starting out experimenting with various makeup looks but adults who need a bit of guidance to feel confident in applying their make-up would also benefit from reading it.

Once the make-up and the tools are covered – if you’ve ever wondered which brush is for which product then this book will reveal all – the reader is guided through different makeup looks in really detailed step by step guides. Techniques are also covered in depth, such as smudged and smokey eyes.

How to Look Pretty not Plastered

I read a scathing review of this book online but I completely disagree with it. They focus on the point that in one of the photos the false eyelashes are peeling off the model. And yes, this should not have gone to press with this fault but until it was pointed out to me in this review I hadn’t noticed (and I rarely miss a trick!) So ignore the bad review and take heed of mine – if you know a young lady or an older make-up shy one buy them this book!

I experimented with various different makeup trends from about the age of 13-14, some of which have come back into fashion – silver eyes being the latest trend I’ve revisited! I also knew the times when I had to keep my look more au naturel. Back in the day, my makeup selection was budget – bought mostly from Boots Natural Collection, Miss Selfridge and No. 7. Then when I became a bit richer (thanks student loan!) I opted for Clinique, Lancome, Benefit and Mac. Now that I am using only natural/organic/mineral makeup my brands of choice are Green People, Jane Iredale and Essential Care. You can see my natural wedding makeup video here There are more makeup videos coming very soon I promise and I will incorporate some of the looks Emily covers into these!

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