I’ve been a fan of Zoya nail products for a while now, ever since I first stumbled upon them in Whole Foods. They won Biteable Best of Beauty Award for Best Nail Polish in 2013. I love how easy the product is to apply and how long it stays chip-free for, in fact, it was awarded for being the longest wearing nail polish by an independent panel in Women’s Health. So when I spotted the Anchor and Armour products in Whole Foods just before I was about to jet set off on holiday I simply had to invest!

My Favourite Zoya Nail Products

Zoya Anchor Base Coat

Zoya Anchor Base Coat helps to bind colour to the nails for long-lasting colour that stays put. It helps to prevent chipping and peeling, and also contains complex protein chains to help strengthen your nails.

Zoya Anchor Base Coat is available from biggreensmile.com


Zoya Armor Top Coat

Zoya Armor is a strong and flexible top coat which helps to protect nails whilst extending the wear and give a brilliant, glossy shine to nail products. On top of all that, it also blocks UV rays, which can cause yellowing.

Zoya Armor Top Coat is available from biggreensmile.com £10.95


About Zoya

Zoya products are five-free nail products, which means they are toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate free. Also, none of the ingredients or products are tested on animals, and there are no animal products contained. 

Below, you can see my colours for my Caribbean holiday – a hot pink called Reagan which I painted my toenails with, and a blue glitter called Liberty which I used for my hands. In hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have opted for a glitter nail polish for a beach holiday, but I fell for the gorgeous vibrant colour and it was a while since I had gorgeous glittery nails.


I’ve read the opinion of several beauty journalists who state that anyone over 21 should not be donning glittery nails, but frankly my dears, I don’t give a damn! I think glitter is fun, I think it looks fab on your nails and makes a statement. The problem with glitter polish is that it does chip more quickly than usual polish due to the consistency. Given that I was on the beach and in the ocean for 10 days solid and both sand and seawater are nail-polish enemies, I don’t think my nails looked *that* bad by 10 days.

See the full range of Zoya Nail Polishes at zoya.com