ajala spa pool

I was extremely lucky to have the use of Ajala Spa facilities for a month whilst trialling TechnoShape. This place is an oasis in the middle of the city, just across the road from St. Paul’s Cathedral. Every time I went for my TechnoShape session, without fail I would use the spa facilities afterwards for a bit of R&R. I was just back from Barbados, so admittedly it was a lovely way to ease myself back into London life.

The swimming pool was just stunning, and always a good temperature (i.e. warm!)

ajala spa pool

After a few leisurely lengths, it was time to hit the steam room, which was always incredibly steamy! So much so at times, you couldn’t see your fellow steamers sitting on the same seating area as you! I loved the coloured LED lights for the steam and sauna shower, there was something very relaxing and calming about them. After the steam room, the sauna is always the next port of call for me (of course stopping for a cold shower hit on the way!)  Then, it was time to hit the laconicum (a dry heat treatment room) where I would lay for about half an hour, avidly reading the James Bond book, Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver. Finally, a nice relax in the jacuzzi to finish off my indulgence.

As well as the regular spa facilities, I also tried the detoxifying hammam experience. The treatment is carried out on a traditional flat stone bed and begins with cleansing using authentic black olive soap (just like my experience in Turkey!) The room then becomes a steam room for 20 minutes of purification for the body. Next, the exfoliating mitt, known as a kese, comes into play and the therapist scrubs you down all over. A mud treatment pack is next applied all over the body to draw out impurities before being rinsed away under the shower. Finally, the body is enveloped in oil and shea butter to help keep skin feeling soft and moisturised.

The Hammam Ajala Spa

Finally, the sunlight room is also worth a mention, particularly as it is the only one of its kind in the UK. Just one hour in the room gives you the same amount of UV as you would get from spending 20 minutes in the natural sun on a sunny day in July. It is completely safe as the UV light is filtered to a safe level and is well below the norm set by the Radiation Institute (= 30 Joule/m2 angled beams, 270 – 400 nanometer). Needless to say, spending time in this room has a whole host of health benefits including improved blood circulation, muscle recovery, booting D3 production in the body and helping alleviate SAD.

The Sunlight Room Ajala Spa

For more information visit ajalaspa.com