It’s been a while since the last Try Me, Beautiful! post, mainly because I’ve not been away anywhere and therefore I’ve been beautifying out of full-size vessels. I have got a few trips coming up this summer so I am sure my blogs will be more regularly interspersed with TMB recordings.

I picked up these Unique Haircare samples at Vivaness in Nuremberg earlier on in the year. I met husband and wife duo Hanne Vernegreen Rasmussen & Jørgen Theils Mortensen who have made their 15-year dream a reality – to spend more time together whilst creating beauty products that are natural and kind to the environment.

First up, Unique Haircare Moisturizing Shampoo

This shampoo contains some real loving hair ingredients including Aloe Vera, Horsetail, Marsh Mallow extract (the herb not the sweet!), Bladderwrack and more. The smell is fresh and herbal, with a hint of sweetness too. One thing that surprised me about this sample was the consistency. It is a seriously liquidy product. So much so, it ejects almost as though it were water. The foaming is minimal, so I rinse and repeat with this product just to give me peace of mind that my hair is clean!

I did my usual test of not conditioning my hair post shampooing to get an idea of the conditioning quality of the shampoo and my hair was left a little lacklustre. Trying not to be perturbed by this experience, after all a shampoo-ing should be followed by a conditioning.


Unique Haircare Colour Care Treatment

This conditioner contains Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil and Beetroot Extract (something I’ve only seen in my supplements prior to this!), amongst other things. The conditioner is fairly thick and conditioner-like, no surprises like with the shampoo. I really wanted to love this conditioner but the truth is I found it left a lot of buildup in my hair, no matter how long I rinsed my hair under the hot water, and even when I used a small amount. Personally, I blame the Shea Butter! So I did my usual trick of conditioning first and then shampooing, the result of which was more satisfactory.


Conclusion: Unique Haircare

I really wanted to like these products more than I did. The packaging is beautiful, the story behind the brand and the ethos of using natural, organic, sustainable, fair trade, locally sourced, and wind-powered production is incredibly admirable. Sadly however these were not quite the right products for me. When using them my hair was dirty the day after washing (I can normally go without washing my hair two to three days). Natural and organic haircare is very difficult to formulate, shampoos without sulphates, conditioners without rinsing agents, it is by no means easy and can take years to perfect! I would love to try their body care products in the future and see how they got on with those – watch this space!

For more information on Unique Haircare and Body Care visit www.uniqueproducts.dk