Some of the first samples I am reviewing from my fabulous trip to Biofach/Vivaness. I went to Beyond Beauty in France a couple of years ago which was a great experience, but the German show in Nuremberg was something else! A real inspiration and an eye-opener for up and coming trends in both natural beauty and organic foods. 

I have some SURYA hair dye to try which I still have not got round to trying – I’m fairly happy with my hair colour at the moment but sometimes it looks a bit dull around this time of year usually due to a lack of natural highlights the main culprit. Thanks to a winter holiday in the Caribbean though my locks have maintained some of my desired golden hues. I may try to find a guinea pig to try these out on, or if I am bored one evening I may try it out on myself!

The SURYA Amazonia Preciosa line uses gentle formulas that are SLS-free and do not contain any other harsh ingredients that harm us or the environment. The Buriti Shampoo helps to prevent hair from drying out and softens and shines. Buriti oil moisturises and restores dry and damaged hair, and is particularly caring for coloured hair. Along with Buriti oil, there’s also moisturising Aloe Vera, Olive Oil for shine and Vitamin E to repair.

The shampoo, as with many natural shampoos, did not lather as much as a sulphate based shampoo on first application and looked like a golden gloop. The second application however lathered considerably more, as is so often the way! The shower was filled with a deliciously sweet fragrance that I couldn’t quite place when reading the ingredients list – it’s an almondy, cinnamon and nutmeg combination although none of these are in the formula. The conditioner also bore the same aroma and was a white, thicker consistency. Although not as thick as some conditioners, the product spread easily through my locks. I left in for a couple of minutes before thoroughly rinsing.

To truly put haircare to the test I tend to just comb through my hair whilst damp and leave to see how manageable/soft/tamed my hair comes out at the end. After use, my hair was soft, smooth and shiny. As well as this set of Shampoo and Conditioner for Dyed & Damaged Hair, I also have a set for Dry Hair which I also look forward to putting to the test as well.

These products are certified by Ecocert and are almost completely natural – Shampoo is 98.81% natural and 22.88% organic, whilst the Conditioner is 98.99% natural and 11.9% organic. When a product is certified by Ecocert you can be sure that product is safe and clean, even if not 100% natural.