Try Me, Beautiful! Mille Ulivi

Mille Ulivi was one of the first stands I visited at Biofach/Vivaness,

and it is also one of the brands I was most excited about. I can see this brand doing incredibly well I beauty boutiques and gift shops alike. The full-size range is packaged in very attractive recycled olive wood holders, and once the vessel is empty you can refill the wooden holder with a new bottle of product.

These products are not just pretty for your bathroom shelves, however, oh no. They also combine some of the finest natural and organic ingredients along with one of the latest beauty ingredient trends – Stem Cells! These stem cells are from the Gardenia plant. Other active ingredients include Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Omega Fatty Acids, Cupuacu Butter, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Acai Oil, Goji Extract, Beech Extract, Damascan Rose Extract and Vitamin E. An anti-ageing, antioxidant, hydrating, nourishing and moisturising powerhouse of an ingredients list!

I first tried the Anti-Ageing Night Cream after using Murad Vitalic Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask. The formula felt rich but and easily absorbed. I actually put the cream on before dinner and was wondering if it was a bit heavy to wear out, however it was just fine. I didn’t have a shiny face or a heavy feeling of product over my skin. When I awoke the next morning, my face had a fresh pinkness and felt super smooth.

Next morning I put the Nourishing Day Cream to the test as I felt that going from being outdoors in the Arctic Circle to coming indoors with plenty of central heating might at some point take its toll somewhat on my skin, although the Beyond Organic Day Cream I had been using up until this point was really helping to keep my skin’s moisture levels healthy. It’s important to point out that when you are going out in sub-zero temperatures it’s important to choose a moisturiser that is oil-based rather than water-based, as the water-based products just don’t cut it. At less than 0 degrees Celsius they freeze! I chose to try out this Nourishing Day Crea on an “at sea” day i.e. one where I didn’t have to leave the boat unless the aurora borealis decided to reveal her beautiful self to us. Mille Ulivi Nourishing Day Cream felt light on my skin and had a pleasant aroma, light floral and fruity.

I was curious to determine the difference between the Nourishing Day Cream and the Moisturising Day Cream, besides the ingredients. I would have thought the nourishing product was more for dry and mature skins and the moisturising version a slightly lighter consistency however it seemed on my skin to be the other way round. The Moisturising Day Cream felt distinctly heavier and took longer to absorb into the skin.

Upon my return to dry land, I read up about the two Day Creams on the Mille Ulivi website and ascertained that the Nourishing Day Cream was for dry and sensitive types, whilst the Moisturising Day Cream was more about prolonging hydration in the skin.

Finally, I incorporated the Revitalising Mask into my Mille Ulivi regimen. This had a slightly less floral and fruity smell that was tinged with Sunflower Seed Oil scent, even though this is the ingredient at the end of the list. It’s a creamy mask so I applied to dry, clean skin and left to do its stuff for 15-20 minutes (a beauty buff’s guess as there are no instructions on the packaging.) I removed, applied the Night Cream and then hit the sack for the night. I woke up looking fresh-faced and rejuvenated in the morning, despite a poor night’s sleep due to the boat a-rocking!

I was very fond of these samples and would definitely like to try out for a longer period of time – put those stem cells to the test as it were! I believe there is extremely limited distribution outside of Italy at this stage, but if you have tried these products I’d love to hear what you thought of them!

Mille Ulivi Group Shot