I’m not really sure where I picked up this trial-sized product, although I have a feeling it was Professional Beauty. So, once I’m off the boat I’ll have to check the full ingredients list, for now though I can see the key active ingredients are the following natural ingredients-

  • Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid – these help to clear hair follicles and treat ingrown hairs and razor bumps by naturally exfoliating the skin to help release ingrown hairs whilst having a smoothing effect
  • Allantoin and Arnica extract – to help calm any irritation

Ingrown hairs can be a side effect of waxing, shaving, plucking or depilatory creams which at worst can be red, bumpy and prone to infection. With waxing and plucking, the hair grows back softer and pointed ends, this makes it harder for the hair to emerge in the correct direction through the follicle – it can double back on itself becoming trapped under the skin’s surface.

Thankfully it’s extremely rare that I suffer from ingrown hairs, however, I had one slightly raised bump post my most recent wax with Moom Organics Spa 100% Natural Hair Remover with Lavender so I put this product to the test. Whilst not sore, it was slightly red and inflamed but within ten minutes the redness and bump had gone down considerably.

Available from Lycon Spa Essentials Ingrown-X-It Solution £19.50