I was first introduced to the FOM London collection when Zaga the founder reached out to send me an Overnight Rose Repair Serum and for Mr BB a Gentleman’s Serum from the collection, both of which we packed on our holiday to Antigua last year. The former also won Biteable Best of Beauty in the Best Serum category.

The next time I met up with Zaga she very kindly gave me a couple of the trial size minis from the skincare collection to try – FOM London Orange Blossom Cleanser and Age Defying Facial Moisturiser.


The products came beautifully packaged in a black gift box and were wrapped in black tissue paper. Very stylish, just like the contents inside!


FOM London Orange Blossom Cleanser

I’ve recently used several cream cleansers that I have been rather impressed with, FOM London Orange Blossom Facial Cleanser being one of them. I would usually opt for a cleansing oil or balm over a cream cleanser so it’s been an interesting skincare phase for me! I like the way the cream works into the skin, softening and helping to hydrate whilst cleansing at the same time. I was using my Eve Taylor Cleansing Brush to assist with this step. It’s suitable for use around the eyes also and will easily remove mascara as well as impurities and excess oil.

Cellular regeneration and collagen production are encouraged by a complex of ginseng and eyebright. The neroli (orange blossom) water scent is heavenly – neroli is definitely one of my favourite scents for skincare. Also found in the product are rosehip – rich in antioxidants and EFAs to protect and plump; white and green tea – to help fight free radical damage and premature ageing; honeybush leaves – rich in minerals to reduce skin redness and inflammation.

The product is fragrance and allergen-free, and suitable for almost all skin types, including sensitive.

After using the cleansing brush I then use a face cloth, either organic muslin or cotton and gently remove product until there is not a trace left. In the evening, I will double cleanse.

FOM London Age Defying Facial Moisturiser

The Age Defying Facial Moisturiser is another superb little product. Unlike other face creams, where the average will contain 3-5 active ingredients maximum, there are 20 actives in this formula. It’s a potent blend of whole botanicals, vitamins and antioxidant-rich extracts that help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin whilst also providing deep moisturisation.

At a glance, I can see some powerful skin ingredients including damask rose, bitter orange, ylang-ylang, sweet almond, sesame, grape seed extract, olive and mango – and I’m only half way through the ingredients list!

I love how this cream feels luxuriously rich but is so easily absorbed by the skin and no greasy residue is left behind. Skin feels silky soft after use, and the fact it’s fragranced with ylang-ylang is a definite plus for me!

In the morning, I was using just FOM London Orange Blossom Cleanser and Age Defying Facial Moisturiser together, however on nights when I felt my skin might need a little more moisturiser, I also used Overnight Rose Repair Serum.

FOM London products are available from fomcosmetics.co.uk 

Try Me Beautiful Orange Blossom Cleanser just £4 – full size 200ml £24

Try Me Beautiful Age Defying Facial Moisturiser just £4 – full size 100ml £25

Have you tried any FOM London products?