Ancienne Ambiance Body & Bath Salts

Ancienne Ambiance may sound French (and their products certainly have a je ne sais quoi!) but they are actually a London based company who specialise in luxurious beauty products infused with exquisite fine fragrances inspired by ancient times. The brand uses natural ingredients, recyclable packaging and sustainable practices. You can read my reviews on their award-winning Soaps here and their award-winning Goddess Oil here.

Containing a unique blend of Epsom Salts, Mediterranean Sea Salt and Organic Essential Oils, Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Body & Bath Salts can be used in the bath, foot spa or as a body scrub. Sea Salt has been used since the times of Ancient Greeks and Egyptians as an exfoliator. As you probably know, Epsom Salts are rich in the might mineral Magnesium. Magnesium is required by every cell in the body and is effectively absorbed transdermally. So by soaking your body or even your feet in the Goddess Salts, you are helping replenish your body with Magnesium. Salts are also good for detoxing the body as they draw impurities and water out of your cells, helping beat the bloat and purify the body.

The fragrance of these bath salts lasted well, filling the bathroom when I used in the bath. The water turned ever so slightly milky and silky in texture, for a truly decadent bath time experience.

If you’ve tried Magnesium Salts in your foot spa or even a bowl of water before you’ll know how soft your feet are left – it’s the ideal pre-exfoliation treatment.

I thought without adding any liquid/oil to the salts they might be a bit rough on the skin but I was proven incorrect. The salts were an effective exfoliator and the essential oil content left a gentle sheen on the skin after the salts had been washed away.

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