Tabitha’s stand was one of the first I noticed as I made my way to make my presentation at the Natural Beauty Theatre at the Natural & Organic Products Europe show. A brand that had prior to the show stayed under my radar, but after my talk, I made a beeline to the stand. Whilst oils and creams can be fairly easily formulated to be 100% natural and organic, when it comes to hair care it’s a different story. Many of my natural-ista friends freely admit to not being too picky about the pureness of the shampoo and conditioner they use when it comes down to the crunch because after all, this is a product you are rinsing off. It’s not being left on your skin to be soaked up inside and into your bloodstream.

But you know me, I will also try to find the purest possible natural products, but also the most effective. I want products that work. I don’t want shampoos that don’t get down to the nitty gritty dirt on my scalp and hair (I live in London don’t you know?!) and I sure as hell don’t want a conditioner that takes forever to rinse out, and in some cases leads me to have to reenter the shower and re-shampoo my hair.

As I made my way to Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Care’s stand, the epitome of sophistication, beautifully packaged products and a glamorous Tabitha on the stand, I was instantly sucked in. With so much to see at the show and so little time, it’s difficult sometimes to get around and make time to see everything and talk to everyone. But I’m glad I took the time with Tabitha. (Fun fact – one of Mr BB’s nicknames for me is Tabitha Jayne. Jayne is my middle name but not sure where the Tabitha came from!)

Tabitha very kindly gave me two products to take away and try, Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Cleanser and Organic Dry Shampoo for Fair Hair. I tried the Dry Shampoo first whilst I finished off the Giovanni 2Chic Ultra-Moist Shampoo I was using. Mr BB’s sister is a massive dry shampoo fan, however, I have seldom used it or really needed it up until now. With the right shampoo, I can usually last 3 days without washing my hair. However since my yoga addiction commenced, I have been struggling somewhat with haircare. Now, I don’t want to be washing every day (and I have been practising Fierce Grace MOST days) but at the same time, I don’t want dirty hair! It wasn’t a yoga day that I first put this dry shampoo to use though, it was an “I’m running late for my meeting the day after the Natural & Organic Products Europe show, I’m knackered and all I want to do is crawl back in my bed”. I’m delighted to say my hair didn’t give the game away, it looked ungreasy, clean and sleek!

Unlike most dry shampoos, this one is 100% natural and 90% organic, formulated with Burdock, Comfrey and White Tea to soothe and balance the scalp, and heavyweight cleansers Chestnut Powder, Tapioca Powder and Bicarbonate of Soda. But more than that, the dry shampoo is exquisitely scented with Rose, Geranium and Myrrh essential oils. To use was a cinch. My hair wasn’t all that greasy, so I just sprinkled on my hairbrush and worked through the first time which cleared up the oils at my roots and left no trace of powder. The next time I put this to the test a more intensive dose was required, so I liberally sprinkled directly onto my head, then brushed through whilst directing a cold jet from the hairdryer at my roots.

Now I finally used up my Giovanni 2Chic Ultra-Moist Shampoo yesterday, so I got to put the Organic Hair Cleanser in Golden Citrus to use. I was SO excited to use this product. Being a naturally inspired hair care user, always SLS/SLES free, I am used to low foaming products, but how was I going to get on with a no foaming product I wondered. The instructions said to use 5-10 pumps, however as I have long hair and a lot of it I ended up using around 15. It may have been too much but I wanted to be sure I was cleansing sufficiently. I first took 5 and worked into my scalp, 5 more for the mid-lengths of my hair and 5 for the ends. I think I will reduce this now that I know the no-foam really is cleaning my hair! It’s not that I didn’t have faith in the products, more that I was still looking for the lather sensation.

After using Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Cleanser in Golden Citrus last night I have woken up this morning with beautifully scented and clean hair. The product is fragranced with Neroli, Tangerine and Bergamot, and also contains cleansing Aloe Vera, soothing Oatmilk, and nourishing Argan Oil and Coconut Oil.

Super impressed with Tabitha James Kraan haircare, as I am sure you will be too! Before you baulk at the price of the dry shampoo, I have it on good authority that this will last six months, and this works out at under £4.50 a month. Much less than you would spend on the regular stuff, which let’s be honest despite being cheap needs a heavy application! I think once I’ve got my usage of the Organic Hair Cleanser down to what it should be then this product will last for three months at a guestimate – I will let you know.

Next on my list to try from Tabitha James Kraan? Oh, just about every haircare product there is: The Hair Perfume is divine, as is the Hair Oil (I sampled both at the show) and based on the quality of every other product I am sure the Conditioner is worth a go too! I am now also waiting for an excuse to be in the surrounding area of Tabitha’s hair salon so that I might try a cut and blow dry there too!

Available from www.tabithajameskraan.com