Spa Fabulous Cleanse & Glow

Spa Fabulous Products for Home

It’s no secret that I am a massive Spa Fabulous fan (I’m not just saying that because I work with the products) and Neena Trehan has become a firm friend of mine since we first met some two years ago after I responded to her ad on People Per Hour (the only folly into that website for both parties). The Spa Fabulous Complexion Perfection is by far the best facial I’ve ever had – that’s why it won the Biteable Beauty Best Of Award. A version of all products used in the facials beside from the masks and massage cream are available in retail size for home use. Last time I went to see Neena she advised me that my cheeks were somewhat drier than usual. I put this down to two things, ageing and reviewing products too willy-nilly! By this, I mean not giving my skin enough time to adapt to one regime before moving on to the next. I am now trialling skincare products until I reach the end of the products, my skin is so much happier for it! This is part of the reason I set up the Beauty Radar section of Biteable Beauty, so I can write about products before I’ve trialled them.

Spa Fabulous Cleanse & Glow

Why Spa Fabulous Cleanse & Glow Bliss Cleanser for Dry Skin?

In the Spa Fabulous signature facials, dependent on skin type Neena tends to do a double cleanse with two different cleansers – Bliss and Rebalancing. First, the Rebalancing Cleanser which is packed full of oils to help address oily skin and the issues that tend to come with it – such as enlarged pores and blemishes –

  • Lemongrass helps to refine pores as well as balance oil production
  • Tea Tree has antibacterial properties
  • Wheatgerm helps improve the circulation to the skin and promotes cell renewal
  • Aloe Vera calms and soothes the skin
  • Lemon has astringent properties and helps regulates breakouts

Next up, the Bliss Cleanser. I love the name of this product, there’s also a Bliss for your Skin Oil which addresses dry skin issues and has restorative and healing ingredients –

  • Cocoa and Shea Butter to nourish and feed the skin
  • Frankincense which clarifies the skin, improving texture and tone, and gives a wonderful fragrance to the product
  • Lavender to calm relax the complexion
  • Jojoba which rehydrates to soften and soothe the skin
  • Evening Primrose to soothe redness and improve skin texture, giving a more youthful appearance
  • Rosehip Seed Oil to plump, repair and add omega fatty acids, know as the “oil of youth”

Spa Fabulous Cleanse & Glow

Biteable Beauty’s Verdict on Spa Fabulous Cleanse & Glow Bliss Cleanser

I love this cleanser! It’s extremely luxurious and rich, and frankincense is one of my favourite scents, we burn it at home all the time from The Frankincense Store in Camden. After cleansing my face with this product my skin almost feels as if it’s been moisturised already! Only a small amount of this product is needed and this product does not need any chemical nasties to give it a good glide, the nourishing shea and cocoa butter do that just fine! I apply all over face and neck in small circular motions before running a washcloth under a hot tap till saturated with water as well as warmth. Then, I open up the cloth and place over my whole face for a few moments before gently working the cloth in small circular and upward sweeping motions before wringing the cloth under the tap  and repeating the process (my own double cleanse at home!) To finish, I run the cloth under the cold tap and place it over my face to firstly tone skin and secondly wake me up just a little bit more in the mornings.