Plantae Balance Formulae Certified Organic Skincare

If you’ve not found this post through my introductory post about Plantae, you may wish to click here to read up about the brand.

The Balance Formulae Plantae products I tried were the Cream Cleanser, Tonifying Mist and Day Cream. Let’s start at the beginning with the Plantae Cream Cleanser. As you can see from the picture below the texture is really rich and luxurious, something I wasn’t quite expecting from a cleanser for normal to combination skin – a pleasant surprise though! Its thickness means a little goes a long way, the product has great glide – just one pump is all that’s required for your face and neck. I used mine with an organic muslin cloth – gently pressing my face twice with hot water on the cloth and once with cooler water.

Plantae Certified Organic SKincare

The cleanser contains detoxifying bitter orange and of course super antioxidant-rich Vinanza Grape fruit extract from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. There’s also Bentonite Clay in there to help cleanse and address oil balance – you can make out the earthy aroma of this ingredient and I love that fact! It’s very subtle but definitely there. Finally, natural extracts of Lavender Water and Jasmine Flower also blend with the earthy smell to create a floral bouquet that is delicate and carefully balanced. Plantae’s Cream Cleanser 99.5% natural and 95% organic ingredients.

plantae balance formulae cream cleanser certified organic skincare

Biteable Beauty’s verdict – Plantae’s Cream Cleanser lasted me for months over the summer – approaching four months and I used it morning and night! I loved how it balanced my T-zone but no oil was stripped from the drier skin of my cheeks, they still felt soft. This product was also effective at removing makeup and caused no irritation to my eyes!

Next up, we have the followup product to Plantae’s Cream Cleanser, the Tonifying Mist. This toner, as the name suggests, comes in a spray. Throughout the summer I carried this product in my handbag to keep my skin dewy, and to cool myself down (both in terms of temperature and stress) on the tube! It even came to Boomtown with me, where I took great delight in spraying my fellow campers when they looked a little parched! Plantae’s Tonifying Mist contains the same extracts as the Cream Cleanser, Lavender and Bitter Orange Flower, along with Vinanza Grape fruit extract.

Plantae Tonifyng Mist Balance Formulae Certified Organic Skincare

Biteable Beauty’s verdict – Plantae Tonifying Mist is beautifully fragranced with delicate floral notes. If I was wearing a lot of makeup (which is a rarity in itself, even more so in the summer!) I would spritz two cotton pads with the toner and place over my eyes before cleansing, to soften makeup and to relax tired eyes. My happy campers also enjoyed being spritzed to awaken, revive and rejuvenate.

Finally, completing the final step of cleanse-tone-moisturise with Plantae we have Plantae Balance Formulae Day Cream. This day cream is packed full of exquisite natural ingredients to help protect, firm and rejuvenate the skin whilst uplifting the mind with vanilla fruit extract. Along with Vinanza Grape Fruit extract there’s antioxidant-rich White Tea, circulation-boosting Rosemary, rejuvenating Myrrh, tonifying Jasmine, regenerative Bitter Orange and EFA-rich Evening Primrose oil to plump.

Plantae Certified Organic SKincare

plantae day cream balancing formulae certified organic skincare

Biteable Beauty’s verdict – Plantae Balance Formulae Day Cream was a godsend in the summer months. The bentonite clay in the formula had a mattifying effect but didn’t come with the heavy, sticky feeling that some mattifying products create. I love the overall fragrance of the product – there’s an earthy quality to it, like the cleanser, but the oil blend of Vanilla, Jasmine, Myrrh and Neroli is rather special.

Plantae Balance Formulae Certified Organic Skincare

Overall Verdict – This is a stunning range of products and worked together to effectively balance oil levels in my skin. The products lasted for months. The cleanser and toner ran out around the same time, but I was using the toner more than the cleanser to spritz through the day, and the moisturiser lasted even longer than the other two! Such small amounts are required of the products because they are potent – there are no fillers! I would definitely purchase these products and I am keen to try more from the range. I’ve got my eye on their Supercritical Rosehip Fruit + Seed Regenerative Facial Serum but I’ll have to wait till Purely Natural Cosmetics launch that over here next year!