Early last summer I headed to Appuru for a pedicure to get my feet ready in time to expose them to the world. It’s always lovely to see Karen and her therapists who deliver great treatments and instantly make you feel at home. The Pinks Signature Pedicure is a real indulgent treat that revives both feet and feelings.

The first step is a cup of Voya herbal tea and a spray of Pinks Boutique Himalayan Elixir to set the mood and still the mind for the pedicure.

Appuru-Pinks-Boutique-Pedicure-Voya-TeaNext comes the hot towel treatment. Tootsies are wrapped in the towels to soothe and bring blood to the feet. Feet are then soaked in a deluxe bubbling jacuzzi foot spa and sustainably mined Himalayan Salt crystals are sprinkled into the water. As your feet are softened by the salt and magical magnesium is absorbed into your body through your feet (one of the best entry points for magnesium transdermally!) a relaxing head massage is given.


Next comes exfoliation! Pinks Boutique Organic Foot Scrub is a mixture of the same Himalayan, Epsom and Dead Sea Salt, combined with cold pressed Apricot, Sunflower and Jojoba Oils. Dead skin cells are sloughed away and the remaining skin is softened and pH balanced. Next, the therapist cleans up nails and cuticles to ensure preparation for nail polish. A blissful massage then ensures with a reflex-influenced stick foot massage – which really helps to identify areas that need extra work. For me the ball of my right foot in particular! Following on Pinks Boutique Foot Balm is applied, which is super hydrating for skin and perfect for dry patches.


Finally, Zoya Nail Polish is applied for a super, long-lasting finish. Having used this product at home as well, I know of its super staying power!


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