This was my first dip into Organic Surge products, and I have to say I was very impressed. Have you tried any of the range? I’d love to hear what you thought, so why not leave a comment below, on Facebook or tweet me @biteablebeauty x

Organic Surge – A Moisture Boost for Dried-Out Post-Summer Hair

After a very lucky run of sunny holidays last year – Marrakech, Luxor Egypt and Barbados, my hair was a little of the dry side to say the least. Frizzy, unruly and in need of some general TLC. I was lucky enough to be approached by ReFuel PR to try Organic Surge’s Moisture Boost Shampoo and Conditioner to help remedy the problem. I began trialling the products just after I’d been for my super haircut at Leticia Haute Coiffure, read all about that here, so my ends were in much better condition than they had been prior to my visit. On first appearance, I liked the colourful packaging of Organic Surge’s hair care, the fact it said “your hair’s best friend” on the front, and the organic almond and vanilla fragrance.

What’s in Organic Surge Moisture Boost Haircare?

  • Sodium coco sulfate – a gentle, skin-friendly cleansing agent derived from coconut oil. A natural, safe alternative to sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate, because the molecule size is bigger and therefore does not irritate the skin by getting into it
  • Seaweed extract – rich in proteins and minerals, restores silkiness and helps tame frizz by smoothing the individual hairs
  • Palmarosa essential oil – strengthens the hair and adds lustre whilst naturally moisturising and hydrating
  • Natural glycerine – a humectant included in the formula to attract moisture to the hair, helping it to remain hydrated and soft
  • Vitamin E – provides natural antioxidant properties to help protect against environmental damage

Biteable Beauty’s Verdict on Organic Surge Moisture Boost Haircare

I really enjoyed using these products and my hair did find a new best friend in Organic Surge’s Moisture Boost Shampoo and Conditioner. As with all natural shampoo and conditioners, you do have to rinse them for much longer than you would a non-natural product so as to remove all traces of oils from the hair. With some natural products I actually apply the conditioner first and then shampoo to ensure a better rinse, or sometimes I shampoo then condition before shampooing again to leave hair without buildup.  Both ways were effective with the Organic Surge products. The products have a lovely fragrance, slightly Christmassy combination of Vanilla, Almond and Palmarosa. It smells a bit like cake, but not in a sickly sweet way. I was also able to wash and go with these products as they left my hair manageable; my hair behaved itself without any additional styling product. I look forward to trying more Organic Surge products in the future. The range is free from SLS, parabens, artificial fragrances and colours and is also against animal testing.

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Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo and Organic Surge Moisture Boost Conditioner

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