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Organic September Day 6: Dr Alkaitis Organic Day Cream


Dr Alkaitis Organic Day Cream

Dr Alkaitis Organic Credentials

All Dr Alkaitis products are handmade from start to finish with 100% certified organic and wildcrafted food grade ingredients. You won’t find any “plant-derived” ingredients, GMOs, or synthetic chemicals, found in so many of our beauty products today. Whilst wildcrafted herbs cannot be certified organic (they are grown in the wild) we do wonder why Dr Alkaitis don’t indicate which ingredients are organic and which are wildcrafted. We’re sure they have nothing to hide, but we are curious at the same time!

Rebecca’s Review

“I’m not too sure what Katria and Eline are going to make of the fragrance in this one! It’s incredibly “herbal”, not the usual floral or citrus notes we are used to in our skincare products. That said, it’s a bloody good day cream! It’s highly concentrated so only a tiny bit is needed. I took this on holiday with me and used morning and night to help protect and repair skin. I’ve gotten used to the fragrance, but Mr BB can’t stand it. He would even complain about kissing me just after I had put the cream on! Personally, I think he’s over-reacting, but let’s see what the others had to say!
This is a great product for city dwellers. There’s echinacea to help skin recover from damaging toxins caused by pollution and UV-radiation, marigold to help strengthen our skin’s own natural defences, St John’s Wort to stimulate the skin’s micro-circulation and vitamin C-rich ingredients to help reduce the signs of anti-ageing.”

Eline’s Review

“As Rebecca said, the fragrance is quite unusual and I was a bit put off by it at first. However, it is very hydrating and my skin was noticeably softer after a couple of days’ use. It did take quite some time for my skin to absorb the cream, though maybe I used a bit too much.
I’m also only 23 years old and I don’t think my skin needs much recovering and repairing (yet) so I can’t say much about the anti-ageing effects of the cream. But since it is very moisturising and nourishing, I can imagine it’s quite good!”

Katria’s Review

“I actually quite like the fragrance, it’s remarkable and not something I’ve smelt before. It has a very watery consistency and isn’t thick at all, however, I find this moisturiser very sticky and takes a while to absorb. It has a very greasy sheen when applied onto the face which is most likely due to its anti-ageing properties, and not great if you have oily skin like myself! This cream is light and moisturising but due to the greasy sheen it’s not something I could use as a day cream, possibly a once a weeknight cream instead!”

Dr Alkaitis Organic Day Cream on Only Naturals

  • Camilla Nichtsburg

    Hi guys,

    Great article, only something is completely wrong. Yes I thought the same as well at first but Dr. Alkaitis has nothing to do with Abloom. I had suspicions, because why on earth would you change the name, right? I contacted the US firm and learned they absolutely did not change the name ;-(

    Apparently a former European distributor shamelessly copied the brand and named it Abloom. The original version (US green version) is luckily widely available and the Alkaitis family took the grey bottles off of the market. The original green ones are really great and there’s more in the bottle as well. Better check your facts first…

    Any way, keep up the good work..!


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