Organic Beauty Week- USDA NOP

Many of you might be wondering what this stands for. Well it’s United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program. Now you can see why they shortened it!

USDA NOP is a food standard with three certification variations, which offers its certification not just to food brands, but also beauty and personal care. There are limited amounts of synthetics allowed in ‘organic’ and ‘made with organic’, and when calculating the organic content water and salt are excluded. Here are the three tiers of certification –

What about USDA 100% Organic Beauty?

Products certified to this standard must contain only organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt).

USDA Organic –

Products certified to this standard must contain at least 95 percent organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt). Limited amounts of synthetics are allowed.

USDA Made with Organic Ingredients –

Products certified to this standard must contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients, but cannot display the USDA logo on the packaging. Again, limited amounts of synthetics are allowed.

My favourite USDA certified organic beauty brands include –

Dr Bronner

I am fortunate to work with this brand, and I always have at least one liquid soap in my house (right now I have Rose and Lavender, plus the Lavender Hand Sanitiser in my handbag!) Read about my lunch at Mildred’s with the Bronners here

dr bronner's festival beauty essentials


is an all-encompassing lifestyle organic beauty brand covering skincare, haircare, body, nutrition and cosmetic products. Certified by the USDA and Australian certifying body, they are the first certified range to embody all the different types of aforementioned products. 

More reviews of this brand coming soon on #TryMeBeautiful thanks to the lovely people over at purelynaturalcosmetics

miessence berry radical antioxidant superfood

Organic Essence

is USDA certified organic beauty with biodegradable eco packaging. Their products use the finest organic oils, botanicals and essential oils, all 3rd-party certified. With many vegan products and never any animal testing.

View all their range over at purelynaturalcosmetics


Trillium Organics

is a beautiful range of pure products. I’ve not reviewed anything on here yet, but I love their Organic Body Polishes – I will review soon!

Badger Balm

is another brand I’ve been meaning to blog about for a while. I have their Foot Balm, Hand Balm and an Aromatherapeutic Balm (although which one I have to try at the moment I can’t remember!)

Have I missed any of your favourite organic brands so far on my posts covering Soil Association, NaTrue, or this one on USDA? If so, let me know below!