Organic Beauty Week

On their website, Ecocert state they were the first body to develop natural and organic standards in 2003. As the name “Ecocert” might suggest, the body is also concerned with ingredients being environmentally friendly and believe that naturally derived ingredients should be from sustainable sources. There should be no GMO, parabens, phenoxyethanol, Nanoparticles, silicones, PEGs, synthetic perfumes and dyes, and animal ingredients (excluding those naturally derived from them such as milk and honey.)

Ecocert also looks at the packaging of products and for a product to be certified the materials should be recycled, recyclable or biodegradable.

There are two levels of certification within Ecocert, Organic Cosmetic and Natural Cosmetic. Products certified Organic Cosmetic must contain a minimum of 95% natural plant-based ingredients in the formula, and 10% must be organic. Products certified Natural Cosmetic must contain a minimum of 50% natural plant-based ingredients and 5% organic content.

So, according to Ecocert products can be organic with just 10% organic content and a product can be certified natural with just 50% natural ingredients! As you can see this is a very different (read lower) standard to that set by the bodies we have looked at previously! Some brands I appreciate with Ecocert certification include –

Madara –

are a Latvian organic beauty brand whose tinted moisturisers sunbeam and moon beam I have always had a thing for since embarking on my natural and organic journey. I have their Anti-Ageing Day Cream coming up in my trial stockpile too!

Melvita –

30 years old organic beauty brand and still going strong, this French brand sustainably produce their formulas in their Ecocert factory, with over 600 natural ingredients, and supports bee and organic agriculture causes.

Studio 78 Paris –

is new to my makeup bag but I am loving pretty much every piece I have tried so far!  They offer green, eco makeup made from mineral and vegetable extracts.

Tan Organic –

is the next organic beauty self-tan I have lined up to try, having tried their Oil Arganic multipurpose blend of Argan and other oils, I can’t wait!