Organic Beauty Week

I *almost* called this post “AsureQuality & Antipodes” BUT

then I realised that a new organic beauty brand I am currently putting to the test (and rather liking!) is also AsureQuality certified – Moana. Read more about Moana Night Repair Serum here.


For AsureQuality Ltd to certify a product completely it has to be 100% natural ingredients. They have two standards, one where over 95% of a product is organic ingredients, and another where 70-95% of these natural ingredients must be certified organic beauty, and there are also strict criteria which must be met for the remaining ingredients. Not knowing so much about this certification body, I checked their guidelines for certification here to see how they differentiate between the two but I couldn’t find the answer! To read more about Antipodes’ Organic Certification click here, and to read more about Moana Organic Certification click here.


Either way, the standard set by AsureQuality far surpasses several of other organic beauty certification bodies we looked at this week, with Soil Association Organic and USDA Organic being on a par with them.