Organic Beauty Week- Natrue

Natrue is an international non-profit association, that certifies naturalness. Every submitted finished product must fully comply with Natrue’s criteria and 75% of the product range or brand must be Natural Cosmetics. Natrue guarantees a product you buy is as natural as can be – made with natural and organic beauty ingredients, with minimal processing and environmentally friendly practices. Products carrying the Natrue label will contain no synthetic fragrances and colours, petroleum derived ingredients or GMO, no irradiation of end product and botanical ingredients, and the products will never be tested on animals.

There are three levels of Natrue certification

Natrue Natural Cosmetics

Ingredients must be natural but do not have to be from organic cultivation. In respect of nature, natural ingredients may only be processed with a limited number of production processes. There is a minimum threshold for natural ingredients and a maximum threshold for derived natural substances to be adhered to.

Natrue Natural Cosmetics with Organic Portion

At least 70% of natural ingredients must stem from controlled organic production and/or controlled wild-craft. Compared to level one, a higher level of natural ingredients and a lower percentage of naturally-derived ingredients is required (percentages not stated.)

Natrue Organic Beauty Cosmetics

At least 95% of natural ingredients must come from controlled organic production and/or controlled wild-craft. In addition, minimum levels for natural ingredients are even high than the second grade.

I was trying to find a list of naturally derived ingredients allowed in Natrue products, however, it doesn’t seem readily available. I am sure that based on the stringency of their system they will all be to a high standard. I am not against using such ingredients when necessary (emulsifiers, surfactants etc.) as long as they have been rigorously tested, have some benefit to the formula and are really required by the formula and are not cheap fillers. It is important to point out that some naturally derived ingredients have been found unsafe for use in beauty products.

Lavera is a brand I probably should have tried more products from, but I LOVE their eyeshadow (review coming soon!) and their After Sun Lotion is lovely.


Beyond Organic is one of my favourite organic beauty brands. I’ve written so much about this range, you can browse all my Beyond Organic reviews here.

Beyond Organic Age Defying Ultra Radiance

You can find more Natrue certified products and brands on their website.