Orba Originals

This is the first Orba Originals product I have tried and it certainly gets a thumbs up from me. The goat’s milk has been combined with cocoa butter to be extra nourishing and this cleanser has kept the dry skin patches I sometimes experience during the winter months at bay. Goat’s milk helps to balance the natural pH levels found within the skin. I was worried at first that the lotion would be heavy, leaving behind a residue and clogging pores but I am pleased to say this was not the case in the slightest and no spotty chin syndrome was caused by the use of this product! The formula is rich and creamy yet light at the same time (see image below). It is easily washed away, taking with it any dirt and dead skin cells. The smell reminds me of baby care products; gently scented, fresh and clean smelling.

Orba Originals

Goat’s Milk has been used since the times of Ancient Egyptians and it is reported that Cleopatra bathed in Asse’s milk daily. We’ve come a long way since these times and we now know that Goat’s milk can offer soothing relief and moisture for a variety of skin conditions including Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Acne and Rosacea. So this product can be used on sensitive skin times to cleanse whilst also moisturising.

It’s not just in beauty that goat’s milk can be of advantage to us, research has shown it has more health advantages than cow’s milk in our diet.  It helps with the digestion, absorption and metabolic utilisation of minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Having said this, has anyone tried goat’s milk? It’s not particularly palatable, to say the least, much preferred is goat’s cheese and you still get the health benefits!

To use, I applied to the skin with damp cotton wool pads before rinsing away with tepid water. Skin is left feeling clean, smooth and in my case not as dry as might otherwise have been the case. I used this with the Natural Wisdom Pomegranate and Rosehip Oil

The Orba Originals range of Goat’s milk products is comprehensive but having visited their website I have found a few other products outside the range that are must-tries for me –

Gardener’s Hand Cream – I wonder if it gets under your nails to remove all dirt as well?!

Billie by VB  range – To see if it can clog and keep unclogged those few pesky pores on my nose. I’m not a TOWIE fan, I have no idea who Billie is but still interested to try the products nonetheless!

Goat’s Milk Cleanser £10.99 orbaoriginals.com from Orba Originals