Having read about Nature’s Inspiration Geranium Moisturiser online I decided to give it a whirl. My skin sometimes gets a bit oily in the T-zone I thought I’d try the Geranium Moisturiser. This is also recommended for young skins but I found that it did the job for me as well. Like many natural and organic beauty brands I know, Nature’s Inspiration was born out of founder Shauna Gallagher’s extremely sensitive skin.

The product contains just five ingredients – Beeswax, Apricot, Peach, Geranium and Sodium Borate. Beeswax is ideal for use in skincare products as it contains wax esters very similar to those found in human skin, which means that the products really bind with the skin and emulsify the other ingredients. It also contains Vitamin A, essential for healthy skin, and is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and has a softening and smoothing effect on the skin without clogging pores. Apricot has a brightening and rejuvenating effect on the skin, whilst Peach is high in Vitamin A and C and will reduce fine lines and age spots. Geranium oil is antimicrobial and it is this ingredient that balances and addresses oil levels in the skin. Sodium borate is a naturally occurring alkaline chemical used as a binder in cosmetics and Nature’s Inspiration “use it as a preservative and to add texture to their creams as it is also known to soothe irritated skin”. Online, there are conflicting statements to be found regarding safety, but what’s new?! For instance, Sodium Borate is used as an additive in French and Iranian but is banned as a food additive in the states, where it is used in roach killer! There are many people making their own cleaning and beauty products with this chemical and they have come to no harm. The chemical apparently has the same toxicity as table salt (i.e. you would need to consume A LOT for it to have any effect!) and high consumption has been linked to infertility. So by my rule of thumb, don’t put on your skin what you wouldn’t eat, I would and do eat caviar so I’ve used this product too!

And you only need use a small amount of this moisturiser, it took me a few goes to realise that the pea-sized amount recommended for use in the instructions really was all you needed at the very most! The product feels quite greasy when you first take it out of the pot and start applying it and if you are putting makeup on you do have to wait a few minutes before doing so. But the product does all sink in and leaves the skin feeling really smooth and balanced. A pot of this really does last a long time, a good investment for those on a budget who still want to buy natural. It smells, as you would expect, of Geranium, one of my favourite floral scents – read about Balm Balm’s Rose Geranium Balm here

Nature's Inspiration Geranium Moisturiser