Nature’s Gate is massive in the states. They have a nice story in that the founders made the first Rainwater Shampoo which as the name suggests is made with rainwater they collected, along with a blend of natural herbs from their herb shop. It is their 30th anniversary this year, so happy birthday!

The one thing that lets the product down is its packaging, it’s boring and dated. I know I shouldn’t be so shallow and it’s what’s inside that counts but I am a sucker for pretty packaging. The product inside is lovely. The papaya and pineapple extracts smell sweet but not sickly or overpowering. The packaging copy boasts “7 Natural Moisture Boosters” and I must say my skin did feel soft and smooth after use. The formula uses natural coconut based cleansers (as with many natural body washes), along with papaya and pineapple which both have enzymes which exfoliate the skin, antioxidant ginko biloba and Vitamin E rich apricot kernel oil to nourish the skin.

This product is great for keeping your skin bright and hydrated in the winter months.

Available from Amazon £9.99 inc. P&P