I must admit, when I first heard the hype about FOREO, I very much doubted that the product could live up to its reputation. I thought some very clever marketing people had waved their wands and created the spell of the century. I believe this because every person I know who tried it, and every single online review by the public and press alike was SO positive. Could it really be so? Or was everyone entranced by FOREO witchcraft?

Imagination PR invited me to try the FOREO Luna Mini,

and having watched the vlogs and read the blogs, I was intrigued. I mean, really, how could an 8,000 times a minute pulsating piece of silicone make such a difference to the cleansing of my skin? Well, I’m delighted to say there was no foul trickery, no magical deception, for the FOREO truly lives up to its reputation.

Having tried a manual silicon cleanser from Eve Taylor, which I enjoyed using for a while but soon got bored of using it (which I think indicates that the results can’t have been *that* great). With the FOREO Luna Mini, I was delighted to see that after just a few days I could feel a difference in my skin. It felt smoother, softer and definitely more hydrated (for you can use not just for cleansing but for improved application of your anti-ageing/moisturising/hydrating lotions and potions.)

I continued to use my FOREO Luna Mini and within 2 weeks my few hormonal spots (which has improved remarkably in recent months = better stress management through yoga and addressing my work/life imbalance!) had all but gone, leaving a few marks that will surely fade over time.

A week or two more and people were commenting on how my skin looked even better than usual! I could hardly believe the compliments, but gave thanks and shared the secret. I think everyone should really give this handy gadget a try- even if just for a few times.

I always think that beauty gadgets are supposed to make your beauty life easier or quicker, but FOREO makes my beauty regimen longer. What FOREO does do is make beauty products work more effectively and efficiently, and makes your caring for your skin even more thorough.

I couldn’t write about FOREO and not touch on the price. I do find the price of pretty much all cleansing brushes on the market rather overpriced at first thought. But upon reflection, looking at how much people pay for electric toothbrushes (and thinking about the new heads one has to buy every 2-3 months), and thinking about all the marketing and PR that must have gone into the success story that is FOREO (or Clarisonic or Magnitone), because if even beauty enthusiasts like me are skeptical there is a lot of work needs to be done to educate and convince people to give the product a go!

Obviously, I was given this product as a free sample for review, and my good friend Scarlett, a makeup artist, asked me “would you have paid full price for it?” To which I replied “not unless either I was rich and money was no issue, or I’d tried it for myself first”. I’d say that was a very fair account.
If you’ve had a not so sure response to FOREO, I’d love to hear from you, and find out your reasons you didn’t fall for FOREO in the way that I did!


  1. The FOREO Luna range removes 99.5% of dirt and impurities.
  2. FOREO is 35 times more hygienic than using bristle based cleansing brushes.
  3. FOREO is shown to improve complexions in just 3 days – brighter, more radiant and clearer.
  4. In studies, 87% of women said their skin looked healthier and 97% said FOREO Luna deeply cleansed their skin.
  5. Equal opportunities – the male of the species put FOREO to the test too; 100% saw more refined skin tone, 97% more radiant complexion, 90% firmer looking skin.
  6. Despite only launching 2 years ago, FOREO LUNA is multi-award winning, scooping accolades from several well-respected awards in the  industry including The Beauty Shortlist, Elle Sweden, and The Beauty Challenger Awards Europe
  7. FOREO LUNA is now stocked in over 35 countries worldwide and counts some of the world’s most prestigious shopping destinations as its stockists including Neiman Marcus, Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols.