Some evenings, I like to unwind with a nice hot bath. I used to love baths, then went through a stage of thinking they were a good idea but as soon as I got in the bath I was either too hot or bored and wanted to get out. I have now come full circle and enjoy a good long soak in the tub. Whilst I enjoy creating my own blends of essential oils, I was very kindly gifted by my old flatmate and good friend Sarah, with an Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath and Shower Oil Collection.

This has nine different blends of oils for different states of being. De-stress, Relax, Revive to name a few for Mind, Muscle, Morning and Night. These are blends which can be used on their own, however I’ve taken to experimenting with them and blending the blends. They are all compatible and I love taking in the aroma from the bath and picking out the notes as they come through; exotic sandalwood, herbal rosemary,earthy vetiver.

After a long soak I would usually opt for shaving my legs, and I recently discovered that I can use the same product that I take my make up off with at the end of the day to do this – Evolve’s Gentle Cleansing Melt. This is a great cleansing balm that is fragrance free and contains only four ingredients. You apply it to dry skin, including all around your eyes to get rid of any mascara or eye make up from the day. The product goes on a gel and then you add warm water and it washes away as a cream. This leaves your skin feeling buttery soft and also you can check that all the product has rinsed away. The same principle can be applied to your legs, and the balm creates an ideal protective barrier between your legs and the razor, but not too thick and gunky like the nasty synthetic foams you buy.

Just before I get out of the bath, I stand up and give myself a rub down with Evolve’s Heavenly Body Polish. This is a deliciously coconutty exfoliator with a shea butter base and small grains of coconut shell, one whiff and I am on the beach in the sunshine. A fabulous pick me up product. Now, the bottle says to use on dry skin, however, I find it best to work in to damp skin (not soaking wet, I let myself dry off a bit before I apply when in the bath), the product just goes in to the skin that little bit easier when the skin is dewy. After rubbing in all over in small circular motions I have one last dunk in the water and then it’s out to dry off, apply my REN Active 7 Radiant Eye Maintenance Gel and Evolve’s Multi Action Single Cream (Double Cream in the Winter). I used to leave it at that, however recently I’ve taken to giving my hands and feet an overnight treatment with Atijah Organics’ Nubian Twist.

Then, it’s time for a glass of red and serious chill out time. Sweet dreams!

Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath and Shower Oil Collection, £28.50, available from Evolve Beauty Gentle Cleansing Melt , £12.99, Heavenly Body Polish, £12.99, and Multi Action Single Cream, £14.99, available from