About Mioja

This is the third Mioja product I have written about, you can read my review of their Palmarosa Balancing Cleanser here and their Ginseng and Geranium Radiance Cream here. Mioja is a natural skincare brand from South Africa and the more I read about these products the more fascinated I am by them! I didn’t realise but the Mioja Palmrosa Balancing Cleanser contains an essence of Rose and Rose Quartz which “has a nurturing energy and encourages optimism, courage and faith in your self-healing energy channels.  It helps to bring a gentleness, trust and warmth to the user with regards to relationships as well as self-opinion and thoughts”. The Mioja Elderflower and Violet Cream contains a Dandelion and Clear Quartz essence which “supports clarity, integrity and the ability to see beneath surface appearances with the spirit of acceptance and understanding. This essence facilitates openness, sensitivity and intuition, and a connection to the divine in all things.” Amazing stuff!

What’s in Mioja Elderflower and Violet Body Cream?

Mioja Elderflower and Violet Body Cream contains a selection of floral extracts along with other active ingredients that work together to purify and brighten the skin, giving a fresher complexion and a more even skin tone –

  • Sweet Violet helps the skin to regulate itself where imbalances are present
  • Elderflower softens, smoothes and illuminates
  • Rose Geranium soothes irritated skin and is great for broken capillaries
  • Jojoba Seed Oil is nutrient-rich, providing nourishment as well as moisture
  • Macadamia Nut Seed Oil contains the antioxidant Vitamin E along with fatty acids to help reduce the signs of ageing, skin dryness and irritation
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil is intensely nourishing, packed full of essential fatty acids and vitamins that help restore balance and elasticity
  • Sage Oil is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and has antioxidant properties amongst many other things!
  • Chamomile Oil is soothing
  • Spearmint Leaf Oil is great for spots and breakouts as it balances oil in the skin

How I Found Mioja Elderflower and Violet Body Cream

Like the Mioja Ginseng and Geranium Radiance Cream, the Elderflower and Violet Body Cream is extremely thick and rich, just the way a decent cream should be. Both products need massaging in well but it is well worth the effort! I was concerned when I first started using both creams that the products would be too heavy for my own skin but I need not have been at all. Whilst they do take a while to sink in to the skin, they don’t leave any residue behind, just soft, smooth and even skin. The bouquet of this cream is divine – primarily Elderflower but you can also smell the Violet and the Rose Geranium slightly too. The smell to me is a mixture of Elderflower cordial, soapy jelly babies (like the Mioja Palmarosa Balancing Cleanser), and Palma Violets! Delicious! The product is packaged in a really handy pump dispenser and the three key qualities written on the label are “clarify, brighten, radiate”.
Mioja Elderflower and Violet Body Cream