Maya Water Facial Mists were created by Norwegian MUA Maya Gulbrands with 25 years of experience under her belt. In Maya’s native Norway, there are some famous baths called Wiesbaden, and people travel from all around the world to visit these baths for their health benefits. From her visits there, Maya learnt about healthy water is important for both internal and external use in order to achieve clear and radiant skin.

Maya source the water from Skogshorn in Hemsedal. It’s clean, mineral-rich and pH neutral water. There are four different facial mists in the Maya Water range – 1) Organic Acai and 2) Organic White Tea, both antioxidant-rich which help prevent and repair sun damage, fight wrinkles and skin discolouration; 3) Organic Goji suitable for all skin types and the original product. All have a specially designed nozzle to produce the finest mist possible so that the skin absorbs the water instantly.

Maya Water Facial Mists can be used to cleanse and tone the skin, hydrate dry skin throughout the day, revitalise tired skin and minds, as well as freshen up makeup throughout the day – for that refreshed dewy look! They can even be used on infants and toddlers!

I love these face mists, there’s a fineness to the spray the nozzle delivers (it’s not just marketing spiel!) which means that it’s not a shock when you spray yourself in the face (unlike some sprays that are rather violent!) I will be carrying one in my handbag this summer and as a travel size is available I will most definitely be taking this on the airplane when I jet off on holiday. I’ll be plumping for the White Tea or Acai spray becausse these help with sun damage and discolouration, a great choice for sun lovers!

The downside is these products are not yet available in the UK – I’ll keep you updated on that front! But my US readers can buy from Maya Water Facial Mists