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Recent Beauty Finds from Green People

Green People Age Defy+ Cream Cleanser

It’s no secret that I was really impressed with Green People’s Age Defy+ range. You can read my first post about Green People Age Defy+ range here and the second post here. My particular favourite beauty finds from the range include the Green People Age Defy+ Lip & Eye Serum, Facial Oil and Serum.

2014_biteable_beauty_green_people_age_defy_plus_cream_cleanser (1)

So when Rosanna asked if I would like to try the Cream Cleanser from Green People’s Age Defy+ range, I stepped right up! Now, regular readers will know I claim to be much more of an oil or balm cleanser kind of girl, but I have been pleasantly surprised by many recent cream cleanser uses, this one included in the beauty finds! My skin has felt rather dry on the surface of late, I’m not sure if it’s all the hot yoga, a change as I get older or the fact Mr BB seems to be obsessed with central heating this winter more so than ever, so rather than the cleansing oils and balms, and facial oils for hydration and nourishment, I’ve completely overhauled my beauty regimen with my recent beauty finds and I’m using cream cleansers and moisturising creams.

The texture is middleweight; not as thin as some cream cleansers on the market, and perhaps this is why I like using it. The recommended way is to massage into dry skin and then remove with tissue, however, I’ve also used a hot cloth cleansing method, and most recently my Eve Taylor cleansing brush, all to good effect!

The Green People Age Defy+ Cream Cleanser formula itself contains no less than 23 beauty-enhancing actives, including  –

    • Anthocyanin-rich Hibiscus extract which helps to firm, lift and reduce wrinkle formation
    • Cranberry, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin E and antioxidants to help moisturise, plump, protect and smooth the skin.
    • Pomegranate, rich I’m antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help nourish, soothe and calm the skin
    • Rosehip, rich in Omega 3 and 6, possesses regenerative properties, anti-ageing effect on fine lines and wrinkles,  The fragrance is a blend of Mandarin, Ho Wood and Ylang Ylang to help soothe and balance the skin. 

This cleanser left my skin feeling less dry, and most importantly thoroughly cleansed!

Green People Age Defy+ DD Cream SPF15 Tinted Moisturiser

This year’s Natural & Organic Products Show was the busiest ever for me, such a buzz but I was rather tired afterwards! I made my way around most of the show but did find myself running around at the end to see the brands’ stands I had failed to see but just had to – mainly Bon Pom, Green People and Four Sigma Foods.

I picked up a couple of sachets of Green People’s DD Cream, which won their Your Most Loved award. I packed this is my makeup bag to take to Mr BB’s sister’s wedding in Scotland, however, somebody forgot to pack my makeup bag! So, my testing of this product had to wait until I came back from Scotland. I’ve now put it to the test and I am more than happy with this product in terms of moisturising properties, coverage and colour. At first, the product seems rather thick, but it soon warms up and overs good coverage and doesn’t sit too heavily on the skin. I’m quite tanned from softball, spending as much time outside as possible when it is sunny (namely walking the dog on Hampstead Heath and de-earthing in the grass) and our winter sun breaks to Antigua and Boa Vista, and the Green People DD Cream Medium Colour works very well for me. The DD Cream is also available in Light.

Green People Gold Shimmer Bronzer

I’m not a huge makeup wearer on a day to day basis. Sure, if I have an event to go to I will make an effort to scrub up, but otherwise, I opt for minimal makeup. Something I have been using regularly, however, is the Green People Gold Shimmer Bronzer. I’ve had SO many compliments when wearing it as well. The powder is marbled with a dark tan and gold coloured powder, and whilst in normal light, the shimmer is quite subtle when you step into the sunlight the radiance created is simply stunning. Many of the compliments I have received are along the lines of “you are simply glowing”, “your skin looks so radiant” etc. 

I’ve read in a couple of reviews that you can also use as eyeshadow. I’ve not given this a go just yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know the results once I have. I fear that this product was a limited edition and is no longer available, but I’m praying my positive review will encourage Green People to consider making this bronzer a permanent fixture in their makeup offering – it’s just so pretty!