Sadly, I am not blessed with Bambi-like lashes. They’re quite thick (I suppose) but they are not very long, and judging from the effects of lash extensions and other eyelash enhancements, it’s mostly about the length. But the lengths that some lash extensions go to are simply scary, not to mention spidery! However, after seeing the stunning results of YUMILash on my dear friend Jennifer Young, I just had to give them a go!

The YUMILash technique is designed to boost and lift lashes without having to resort to false lashes. A work-with-what-you’ve-got kind of attitude! It also differs from a traditional eyelash perm in that rather than just curving the lashes it turns them upwards giving extra length, height and volume. This gives the appearance of longer and thicker lashes. The woman behind YUMILash is Sandra Viglino, a Swiss-French lady who works with oncologists, many Swiss doctors, well-known dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Yumi means beautiful in Japanese, and it also means bow (as in bow and arrow). Sandra felt this a perfect name for her treatment as not only does YUMILash create beautiful eyelash enhancements, the shape of them also has an arch like a bow. You can see this representation of the name in the shape of the “Y” in the logo.

The treatment takes just 45 minutes and lasts 8-12 weeks (the natural life cycle of your eyelash), so is great for those who are time shy. Other eyelash enhancements like Lash extensions, on the other hand, can take 2 hours the first time to apply and will see you revisiting the salon every couple of weeks for upkeep, so I’m told! Firstly, the eye area is cleaned using a protein-rich liquid. Then, a Co-Enzyme Q10 anti-ageing eye patch is placed underneath the eye to give your eyes a pamper whilst also protecting the lower eyelashes. Next, a silica adhesive pad is applied to your upper eyelid as a base to glue your eyelashes to. As Nadia, the Creative Director explained to me, less is more when it comes to the adhesive. With the tips of your eyelashes out the way, it’s time to put the lift treatment on the base of the lashes. This was left on for 13 minutes each side for me but can be left on anywhere from 6-15 minutes. There is also a YUMITint to compliment the treatment, I opted for a blue-black colour.

After my treatment I could not believe that there were no extensions used in my makeover, they look longer, fuller and so voluminous – I described them as “lovely, luscious and long” over the phone directly after my treatment. I could not have been any more pleased with them – not an incy wincy bit like spiders. Just long and natural looking, and because of the tint no need for mascara in the mornings – yet another saver of time from YUMILash!

The effects lasted for around 13 weeks for me – this is an eyelash enhancement treatment that I will be investing again and again and again! Here are my before and after shots – no touching up or enhancement!


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