I am a massive nail polish aficionado, so when an email popped into my inbox about a brand I had not heard of offering nail polishes with no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP or camphor I knew I had to try them. My usual nail polish of choice is OPI, I love going to Selfridges to buy them as it always feels like a special treat.

You will have all heard of formaldehyde which was formally used in many cleaning products and has been found to be a known carcinogen. Well, it is still used in some nail polish formulas, along with other known toxic chemicals such as toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. All I can say is check your nail polish label for these ingredients – make sure your products contain no nasties!

From the Maison d’Anu range, I opted for Electric Avenue colour, as denim coloured nails are bang on trend this season, although The Gatsby Collection look really glam, ideal colours for Christmas nails. Now, I’ve yet to try it on my fingers as I recently painted them, however you can see how it looks on my toes. I’ve lost my tan a bit now (which I think makes painted toenails look a hundred times better) but nonetheless, I think the colour is great and this photo was taken several days after I painted them – no chips and no bare patches from rubbing shoes. I applied two coats. The consistency did take a bit of getting used to when applying as it is more watery than the OPI products I am used to, but once I had mastered the technique it was simple. If anything, this property made the nail polish easier to apply, as firstly I didn’t experience the blob problem, where too much polish comes out on the brush and secondly the product was easier to spread around due to no minimal gloopiness.

I will be testing the polish on my fingernails shortly to see how it withstands to my general clumsiness and heavy-handedness and will share the staying power with you soon. If it holds up I may have found a new favourite nail polish, I’ll just have to get Selfridges to stock Maison d’Anu!