Before I painted my toenails with the Electric Avenue Maison d’Anu nail polish, I treated myself to a foot spa with Maison d’Anu’s Cloud 9 Himalayan Foot Soak. I usually have a magnesium salts foot bath a few times a week so I combined the two salts together on this occasion. For the magnesium to be absorbed in to your body it is best to soak for an hour.

It says on their website that the product will relieve tension and fatigue from tired feet and my feet did feel wonderful. We went to walk Mimi shortly afterwards and my feet felt lighter and looser. How? Well, the main ingredient is Himalayan salt crystals, which are natural, unrefined and unpolluted, unlike your average sea salt. When used in a bath or foot spa these help the body detoxify and rebalance minerals in the body. It also stimulates circulation, hydrates the skin and locks moisture in, relaxes muscles and reduces inflammation.

The salts have been infused with essential oils of eucalyptus, bergamot, and citrus to create a fabulous uplifting aroma which not only infuses in to your feet (leaving their fresh and clean scent) but eucalyptus relieves soreness whilst bergamot and citrus are antibacterial.

Maison d’Anu Cloud 9 Himalayan Foot Soak £22 available from