I had a bit of a bone to pick with Lush after they sent me some makeup for my first natural makeup blog post.  Upon reading the ingredients, I saw that the foundation contained parabens.  I emailed them straight away and this is their response –

“Please find below details of Lush’s use of parabens, and with regards to paraben free products, Lush’s solid products such as Buffy body butter do not contain parabens.

Lush try to be as transparent as possible with ingredients used in each product. Mark Constantine, the owner of Lush, says he’s been working for years to eliminate preservatives from the majority of his products.  Around 70% of Lush products are already preservative free.  He points out that preservatives are there to kill organisms and uses parabens only where absolutely necessary, as he considers them to be the safest preservatives there are.  He feels it’s far better to use the parabens which have a safety record of over 100 years in very small quantities (Lush products last for only one year rather than the standard three), than other parabens that may not be so historically safe.

Mark believes the only solution to the natural “muddle” is to allow consumers to read about exactly what goes into their products, and then make their own decision based on this information. Which is why Lush is working towards a completely transparent website where you can click on any ingredient to read exactly where, how and even by whom it was harvested.”

Fair enough, however, no parabens for me thank you very much!  So, I decided to try their Buffy the Backside Slayer, a body butter bar for exfoliating and moisturising at the same time. As mentioned above this is a natural product free from parabens. This was my introduction to Lush products, I never go in their stores as I find the smell emitted from them overpowering in a sickly sweet kind of way.  The Buffy Body Bar had a fresh, pleasant aroma combining lavender and lemon.  The grains were not too harsh and did their job adequately. My one complaint would be that the bar didn’t seem to last very long considering its size in comparison to the Atijah Organics body butter bars I used previously.

Lush Buffy body butter (£5.25 for 90g / £9.45 for 200g) For shop details and mail order contact 01202 668 545 or online at www.lush.co.uk