LI’TYA is an excellent Australian brand which is used in some of the best spas in the UK, including Pennyhill and Ragdale Hall however they also do a range of at-home spa products. The company has been going for 25 years this year and was founded by Gayle Heron who drew inspiration from the ancient plant knowledge of the Aboriginal people to formulate the range. Today the brand still works closely with Aboriginal elders and every process from growing and harvesting plants to packaging is carried out with a “tread lightly upon the earth” philosophy.

The Lemon Myrtle and Desert Salt Body Polish was so refreshing to use and left skin feeling really soft and smooth. I used with my Aromatherapy Associates Body Oil, applying the oil about 15 minutes before rubbing the scrub into the skin and finally showering to remove any residue.  I’ve also used it in my foot bath as well as a normal bath. I found the scrub really helped relieve my tired leg muscles after running and I felt stimulated and recharged after using it mentally as well as physically. The particles in the scrub are tiny but effective, you needn’t rub that hard when using and I highly recommend applying an oil pre-scrub to protect the skin.

The product uses just two ingredients – fine grade crystal-formed mineral salt sourced from ancient salt beds in the Australian desert and ground Lemon Myrtle leaf. Mineral salt is a great ingredient to use when making your own home exfoliating products because it helps to detoxify the body as well as remineralising. The coarseness of the grains also means that any dead skin cells on the surface are removed. Not only is Lemon Mrytle anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal (I’ve read that these properties are greater in Lemon Myrtle than Tea Tree even – and it smells a darn sight better!) but it is also a known muscle-relaxant with an uplifting fragrance that helps de-stress body and mind. These two ingredients combined help to balance out the skin, target fluid retention, cellulite and toxins in the body.

Lemon Mrytle LI'TYA

I’ve yet to experience a spa treatment using LIT’YA products but I will be sure to write a post when I do – for the meantime, however, I will have to make do with my at home experience. Next on my list to try is their body oils  – the blends sound lovely!

Available from £16.26 LI’TYA Lemon Myrtle & Desert Salt Body Polish