I owe Sarah and the team at Keep Immaculate an apology. I didn’t attend their beauty launch at Fenwick of Brent Cross, return their call or write this blog post in the week. All of which I was planning to do however I have been battling a bug and with lots on at my day job all other tasks were put on hold. Which is a shame as I was really looking forward to finding more about their Impact Heat Release Technology.

I was sent two of the Keep Immaculate All Over Essentials products, all over multipurpose oils made from 100% natural plant extracts and essential oils, nothing else. First of all, I tried the Avocado and Carrot Seed Oil. The avocado oil is unrefined and cold pressed so it is in its rawest state and contains maximum goodness. This blend has a definite carrot scent but not too overpowering, it is quite sweet and earthy at the same time. The oil delivers powerful antioxidant properties and is designed to remove toxins, maintain moisture balance and promote a clear and clean complexion.

Keep Immaculate

First I used the oil as a hair treatment. I applied to dry hair whilst I soaked in the bath for thirty minutes or so and tucked all my hair up in a shower cap. Then I shampooed a couple of times to ensure all the oil residue had been rinsed away. I didn’t condition as I wanted to see the effect the oil had on my hair. I left to dry naturally and whilst I was impressed with the softness and silkiness of my locks, unfortunately, I was left with a fluffy mane. Next time I’ll know to follow up with conditioner as usual (I’m using Green People’s Vitamin Conditioner at the moment and loving it – review coming soon!)

Next, I applied to my face after cleansing. The oil does take a while to sink in but the end result is well worth it. The skin is smoother and feels hydrated after use, I’ve been suffering with dry cheeks due to the coldness outside and the central heating indoors. Due to the time the oil takes to sink in, I would maybe suggest using this as a rejuvenating night treatment unless you’re not in a hurry.

Finally, I’ve used both the Avocado and Carrot Seed Oil and the Apricot and Peppermint Oil as body oils, both to excellent effect. The latter is very pepperminty, really invigorating and I imagine come summer this will have a lovely cooling effect. Rich in Vitamin A, it is designed to soften and condition dry skin and brighten dull skin. I have used these oils with my LI’TYA Lemon Mrytle & Desert Salt Body Polish, applying the oils about half an hour before I go to the shower and scrub with the polish. I’ve also used post-shower and bath, working in to the skin with a body brush and a massage brush. My skin was left lovely, balanced, smooth and soft to touch. The Apricot and Peppermint Oil was also really effective on my poor dry feet which have been abused due to my running regime.

Apricot & Peppermint Oil and Avocado & Carrot Seed Oil available from www.keepimmaculate.com Keep Immaculate