Fancy trying out a new style or a new colour? Better think twice! Applying chemical hair treatments can make it look and feel good, but most treatments can be dangerous for your hair and, more importantly, to your health. While you may want to change up your hair colour or add some trendy highlights, you should know about the dangers of the chemicals inside.

One of the most commonly used chemicals to be found in hair dyeing and bleaching products is Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate. Used as an oxidative hair colouring agent, this chemical group is a known allergen and toxin, and is further under strong suspicion of causing cancer. It has even been suggested that it was this particular ingredient, which caused the death of a teenager after suffering a severe allergic reaction to a product containing it [1]. Based on its potentially harmful characteristics, the Environmental Working Group ranked Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate as a 7 out of 10, which means it is particularly hazardous to your health.

Is all of this the price we have to pay when trying out a new colour or wanting to pamper our hair with a nice treatment? We say NO!

You don’t have to completely pass on dyeing your hair. If you do want to play around with different hair colours or apply hair treatments, we would suggest considering natural and organic products.

We gave some homemade hair treatments options a go, just take a look at the links below. Using the power of beautiful organic fruit and oil can be great to make your own treatment to leave your hair every bit as beautiful as those chemical-ridden creams you might be used to!

Our favourite hair treatments we’ve tried out-

DIY Tropicalia Natural Hair Conditioning Treatment Recipe

MACADAMIA – Natural Oil Hair Care Range


[1] http://www.organiccolorsystems.com/teenager-dies-from-hair-color

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