As I was looking through my old photos working out the products I still had to trial, the products I still had to write my review about, I came across this photo of Grown Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream. I then rooted around and found the tube to continue trying. I’m not sure why I stopped using this hand cream, as this time around once I started I could not stop!

Everything about this hand cream shouts winner – from the rich but non-greasy and easily absorbed formula down to the delicious vanilla and orange scent (which by the way, definitely smells Christmassy!) There was no way this was going to be discarded till the tube was empty! The cream feels cooling, soothing and leaves hands feeling soft and pampered.

There are a whole host of antioxidant-rich ingredients contained in this product – Grape Seed, Wheatgerm and Rosehip Oil, Cold Pressed Orange Peel Oil to help maintain youthful skin, Rosehip and Camellia Seed Oil to help increase the lipid content of the skin, thus helping restore natural moisture levels and enhance the skin’s natural moisture retaining capability. There’s also soothing Aloe Vera, which is also four times more readily absorbed than water! Vanilla provides uplifting & calming aromatherapeutic properties. Sea Buckthorn Berry is rich in fatty acids and helps improve circulation and cell turnover to help restore skin elasticity and softness.

More About Grown Alchemist Botanical Beauty

Grown Alchemist is a new generation of organic skincare, whose unique formulations combine some of the most powerful anti-ageing botanical extracts ever found to create an array of products. Balms, serums, elixirs and creams for the face, body and scalp. Ingredients include collagen and elastin boosting actives, advanced peptides, hyaluronic acid, cell-communicating actives and powerful antioxidants that are the transformative ingredients in Grown Alchemist skincare formulations.

Grown Alchemist avoid using unhealthy chemicals that are so prevalent in mainstream beauty these days, chemicals that are more than likely contributing to the ageing process. Synthetic chemicals are generally incompatible with our makeup and the body rejects them. Whilst our bodies are rather good at getting rid of toxins, some of them invariably end up in our fat cells. Others trigger free radical damage in our bodies, causing dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. Some of these chemicals are even more detrimental to our health than this – they can be disruptive to our hormones and in some instances even carcinogenic.

Grown Alchemist products are certified by the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Processor 11181. This is important to Grown because like me they believe in organic! Organic is richer in antioxidants and nutrients but also free from pesticides and other potentially nasty agrochemicals. All Grown ingredients are responsibly sourced, no product ingredients or products are tested on animals and all products are also free from animal ingredients. Grown Alchemist are even considerate in their choice of packaging – the tubes are lined with non-leeching aluminium, and glass and PET plastic are also used – two of the world’s most recycled materials.

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