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Green People Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner

Green People Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner is the first haircare system I have used from Green People. I was recommended them as my hair can be quite dry at the ends and prone to build up at the roots. These products have moisturising Avocado and Aloe Vera (two oils I regularly use in my homemade hair treatments) to work on the dry bits as well as nourish the scalp and detoxify all over.

The description on the Green People website says to use once a week as a deep cleanse, but I was using these product every 2-3 days and I was super impressed with how manageable they left my hair. I didn’t even have to brush my locks for them to look good (my barnet was looking so lovely that it even warranted a comment from Charlie – “how come you’ve done your hair?”) Yes my usually a bit unruly and wild hair was tamed, felt feather soft to touch and somehow just fell in to place. I wish I’d taken a photo or even shot a video but I didn’t get round to it and before I knew it all the product had gone (I will add at some point when I get round to buying some more!)

Unlike some other natural/organic shampoos I did not need to use very much product in order to achieve a rich lather that covered my hair from root to tip. This is because the formula contains ammonium lauryl sulphate, a close relative of sodium lauryl sulphate but does not have as bad a reputation for irritating the skin and eyes. Both these chemicals are in fact considered irritants at concentrations greater than 2% (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) but the longer they are in contact with the skin the more likely the irritation. This is a tricky subject to broach as very few brands manage to get the whole lather experience down to a t… with JĀSÖN 84% Aloe Vera there is much more lather the second time you shampoo in a hair wash session and with Less is More Lindengloss Shampoo although it left my hair feeling amazing the lather experience was not there. I felt no irritation from using the shampoo and Green People responded to my post with an explanation which you can read below. Thanks for that you lovely Green People!

Green People Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner

The mandarin fragrance of both the shampoo and conditioner is lovely, really refreshing and very different for haircare products. And as I said before this product did wonders for my hair, it really was an effortless period of good hair days, every day!
Available from www.greenpeople.co.uk £9.95 each Green People Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Hi and thank you for reviewing our shampoo & conditioner! Just responding to your question about ammonium lauryl sulphate. I have here a technical answer about ALS from our product development manager – hope it answers your question!

    Although Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and Ammonium lauryl sulphate (ALS) have similar sounding names and are both classed as anionic surfactants, they have very different molecular structures. SLS is a comparatively simple molecule and is therefore quite small in size. This gives it the ability to penetrate the outer layers of the skin, particularly when used in conditions which encourage the skin’s pores to open, such as when in a warm bath or shower. When SLS penetrates the outer layers of the skin in this way, it comes into contact with more delicate cells that are in the process of being formed in the dermis. It is here that the irritation associated with SLS manifests itself, resulting in reddening and erythema of the skin.

    ALS, by contrast, is a far more complex molecule and is physically much larger. This means that it is practically impossible for ALS molecules to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and so reach the delicate underlying layers of cells. Due to this difference, ALS is regarded as being considerably less irritating than SLS – on a scale of 0 to 10, where the potential irritancy of water is 0 and that of SLS is 10, ALS scores around 4 – clearly far less irritating than SLS.

    We should perhaps point out at this stage that ALL surfactants or foaming agents have the potential to irritate the skin, regardless of their name, source or claims made for them. This is simply because of the way they work – if you want a shampoo or shower gel to cleanse the skin and produce foam or bubbles, then you have to accept that the product will have the potential to cause irritation.

    Green People only uses ALS in those formulations based on organic floral waters. We have found from experience that using other surfactants with floral waters results in formulations that are not stable or effective in use.

    • rebecca

      Hi Alex, thanks so much for setting the record straight! I LOVED the shampoo and conditioner. I feel enlightened 😀 xx

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