Regular readers will know that I was super impressed with Green People Age Defy+ skincare range, you can read my review here. So, when I was sent out their body care products from the Age Defy+ range I was very excited. We haven’t seen all that much anti-ageing products on the natural market, however I believe this will be a trend for 2015.

First up for body care, Green People Age Defy+ Exfoliating Body Cream.

The first thing that struck me is the beautiful fragrance, a complex blend of Lavender, Rosewood, Ho Wood, Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang, Lemon and Chamomile. The exfoliating beads are Bamboo Stem, and I like that you can feel them doing their work. There is more at work here though than just Bamboo Stem Powder; there’s also Apricot Kernel Powder and Cranberry Powder to life away hardened skin cells; Pineapple extract has enzymes I to dissolve the protein bonds that release and Bentonite Clay is there are when applied to the skin it attracts and lifts away dirt, dead skin cells and other pollutants. So there’s a physical exfoliation going on as well as a chemical (enzymatic) action. There are 29 skin active ingredients in this cream, a rather impressive formulation!

Now, the instructions say to apply to wet or dry skin. Personally, I prefer to use after body brushing and on dry skin.

I then continue the massage with a body puff and shower gel to ensure all product is removed, before moving on to use the Green People Age Defy+ Contour & Sculpt Body Lotion.

There are even more actives in this product that the other – 33! This lotion has the same organic aroma as the exfoliating cream, which is a great touch. The cream is of medium consistency, and non greasy but at the same time not immediately absorbed. Which is fab as it means you can massage the product in and focus on problem areas. The hero ingredient of the product is a patented extract from Bayberry, which offers a 3-way intense body modelling action:

  • A 12-fold increase in the breakdown of existing fat cells
  • 64% reduction of fresh fat deposits in existing cells
  • 63% reduction in the formation of new fat cells

Beech Bud extract, Green Tea and Pomegranate help to significantly improve skin hydration and elasticity whilst boosting skin metabolism and increasing skin regeneration.


As with all body care products claiming to reduce cellulite and fat, I’m sceptical that they would do it without combining a healthy diet, exercise and massage, however I’ve noticed that with continued use coupled with body brushing and massage my problem areas are improving!

Have you tried these Green People body care products?

Green People Age Defy+ Exfoliating Body Cream available from £19.95

Green People Age Defy+ Contour & Sculpt Body Lotion available from £34.95