Freshness of the Morning is quickly climbing the ranks in Biteable Beauty’s top skincare brands! The Overnight Rose Repair Serum won Best Serum Award in the Biteable Best of Beauty 2014. I have since tried two further products and I LOVE them! Review coming soon in Try Me, Beautiful!

It was in the Autumn time last year that Freshness of the Morning sent out Overnight Rose Repair Serum and Overnight Gentleman’s Facial Serum. I’d already decided we would take these away to Antigua to put to the test. Spending so much time in the sunshine means that heavyweight skincare is of the utmost importance. Thankfully these serums were heavy duty and fitted right in with our skincare regimen.

First up, FOM London Overnight Gentleman’s Facial Serum

Mr BB was not a fan of putting oils or serums on his face until he tried this one, now he’s hooked! Currently, he’s obsessed with Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Argan Oil, which I don’t mind as it smells incredible. FOM London’s Overnight Gentleman’s Facial Serum features a concentrated blend of supernatural actives, rich in antioxidants and vitamins. The Serum offers superb rejuvenation properties as well as protection against environmental stressors. But what’s inside? Well, there are nurturing Coconut Fatty Acids, anti-ageing Squalene, hydrating Jojoba Oil, moisturising Sesame Seed Oil, soothing Sweet Almond Oil, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Centella extract, Sacred Lotus Extract and more. Mr BB said it reminded him of a Parisian Victorian gentleman, and I can see what he means! It smells herbal and musky, the fragrance is such that it could be part of a French or Italian shaving range.


Next, onto the award-winning FOM London Overnight Rose Repair Serum

I LOVE this Serum! It’s packed full of antioxidants, nutrients, fatty acids vitamins, lipids and amino acids. It helps slow the ageing process, brightens, softens, rejuvenates, protects and repairs the skin. It’s light but hardworking and easily absorbed into the skin.

The formula contains smoothing and radiance-boosting Rose and Jojoba Oil, regenerating and rejuvenating Avocado Oil, antioxidant-rich Passionfruit Oil, hydrating and calming Marula Oil, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory Manketti Oil, Sacha Inchi, and cell rejuvenating Sea Buckthorn. The essential oil blend includes Rose, Geranium, Patchouli and Sage to nourish, repair and revitalise the appearance of the skin, and create a beautifully-fragranced product. I can smell the Rose and Geranium the most, but a hint of Patchouli does come through.


To use both FOM London serums, we simply applied last-thing before bedtime.

Just a few drops are required, once gently massaged in you are ready for bed, and that all important beauty sleep!

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