Korres is one of those brands that I always see around but have never really bought in to. I got a few samples from a show at London Fashion Week one year and was pleased with their performance but I didn’t go back for more (I wasn’t on the natural products tip at that time in my life). Imagine my delight when I received an Aphrodite’s Rose Set from them. Calling All Men, if you’ve left your Valentine’s Day gift purchasing somewhat late may I swiftly point you in the direction of this set – serious Brownie points will be earned! But if your lady is a natural and organic beauty freak like me, be warned, she may not like what she sees on the label.

Like my makeup until recently (you can watch my first natural makeup video look here, my perfume has not been natural/natural based. Admittedly I never spray directly on to my skin but unfortunately, it’s not just topical application we need to worry about when it comes to mainstream synthetic chemical-based fragrances, we also must worry about breathing in our perfumes because they may contain some very damaging chemicals. When inhaled some can affect our brain function, it’s reported some of these chemicals act in a similar way to narcotics and cause addiction to the wearer. When applied to our skin, the largest organ of our body, they are absorbed and can damage the nervous system or build up as toxins inside the body. And companies are allowed to sell these products?! I’ve decided to write a longer piece about this topic in the future to better educate both myself and my readers about what to look out for in perfume ingredients list, but in the meantime back to the set.

The Aphrodite’s Rose gift set consists of an Eau de Toilette and an Instant Brightening Mask. The EDT is 88.5% natural and on the side of the box they’ve put a handy list of all chemicals that one should be on the lookout for in perfumes and I can see that it does contain alcohol and parfum, or artificial fragrance. Parfum is always a tricky one as companies are not obliged to state what chemical compound this is… it could be a good one or a bad one! The fragrance is simply divine; top notes of Rose, Pink Grapefruit and Blackcurrant, with heart notes of Rosewood, Mint leaves and Freesia and base notes of wood and white flowers. If you like your floral fragrances not so sweet this is the scent for you. The rosewood and woody base notes create a contrast to the otherwise sweet floral scent and the blackcurrant provides a tartness resulting in a well balanced and never overly sweet fragrance.

The mask is rose-scented, 93.3% natural and again the box has a handy checklist highlighting all the chemicals it does and does not contain. This product contains parfum and PEG, or polyethylene glycol. This chemical is a derivative of natural stearic acid and has been deemed safe for use in cosmetics but not safe to use on damaged skin. Considering how dedicated Korres are to using natural ingredients I was pretty surprised to find this ingredient in their products. I think it’s great that they have all the nasties on the side and I hope that as a company they are endeavouring to tick all the right boxes on this list. The mask itself was nice and creamy so I could apply a nice thick layer and upon removal, my skin looked bright and glowing.

Summary: these are certainly lovely products, but not as natural as I would have liked and the non-natural ingredients not as safe as I would have hoped for especially as Korres is a company that has a scientific advisory board that carries out clinical studies to test the effectiveness of natural ingredients on the skin. But respect is due for being so transparent about their ingredients –

Korres Ingredients List

Available from korres.com Korres Aphrodite’s Rose Valentines Day Gift Set