Well, the proof is in the pudding as they say.  I wanted to take a photo of my smooth legs and display them in all their (Fakebaked) bronzed glory.  However, all those Turkish delights on my holiday said otherwise.  After a  wonderfully relaxed holiday in Olu Deniz, Turkey, I now have a gorgeous natural colour, however as Charlie pointed out – “it’s coming back. It had got better but the cellulite’s creeping back” This from someone who claimed I only suffered from the dreaded cottage cheese effect when laying down – perhaps the only time he looked at that area was when I was lying down!

So I must award full marks to the Fake Bake Lipo Bronze, along with being easy to apply, giving all over coverage and an instant glow it seems it also did the job at improving the appearance of my cellulite and very quickly also. I remember years ago religiously applying the L’Oreal cellulite treatment (had I known then that they tested on animals I would not so much have looked at their products) and disappointingly seeing little change. I didn’t hold much hope for this potion but it did the job!

So with one product trialled from my anti-cellulite article in Simply Beautiful, now there are two more left to go, which I am going to trial simultaneously – one on each leg.  Obviously, this was not possible with FakeBake, one bronzed leg and one pasty white one would not be a good look!

FakeBake Lipo Bronze 133ml £20.50 www.fakebake.co.uk