I was lucky enough to meet some of the Eve Taylor team at a Bloggers Love event recently, which was well timed as I had been chatting over email with Kate. They very kindly sent me out some products to review, however they didn’t quite fit in with my ingredients ethos. I was however able to put their Facial Cleansing Brush to the test.


This is the second cleansing brush for the face I have used, the first one being a stocking filler from Mr BB from the pound shop last Christmas. I have to say this Eve Taylor model is far superior and I am loving it, although deserved thanks to Mr BB for getting me into a good habit!

The box says it “Leaves your skin feeling cleaner and softer…. Tones and massages the skin helping to promote a healthy glowing complexion… without stretch or drag…. improve circulation without stimulation.”

I have found Eve Taylor Facial Cleansing Brush to leave my skin feeling very soft and smooth, and has helped to bring even more of a radiant glow to my face. I’ve been using it so far with Defiant Beauty Jennifer Young Cleansing Balm but look forward to putting it to the test with plenty more products!

Available from Truly Scrumptious Beauty