Dr Bronner Liquid Soaps

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Peppermint Liquid Soap was the first flavour created, and the one Dr Bronner used to hand out at his talks. Someone has described using it as being similar to “being hugged by a snowman” whilst I remember tweeting about how it made me tingly ALL OVER! the first time I used it. Today there are more flavours – Almond, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Baby Mild, Tea Tree, Persian Rose, Citrus and Green Tea. There’s also Cherry Blossom for the Asian market, and I am lucky enough to have a sample of this to try! My personal favourites are Almond and Persian Rose – I, in fact, love mixing these two together!


Today, the mission at Dr Bronner is to bring the original Dr Emmanuel Bronner’s mission back down to earth. Remembering everything he stood for in terms of uniting people, and the goodness of his message. The brand has gone organic to food standard (although they don’t recommend eating the soap!), they are certified fair trade by the Fair For Life movement, and have even started their own fair trade coconut plantation in Sri Lanka. The company has around 150 employees and they have a 5:1 payment structure, which means the highest paid member of staff will never be paid more than five times the salary of the lowest paid member of staff. All staff are also entitled to pension, healthcare and annual bonuses! (Where do we sign up?!)


So last year when I attended the lunch, I made a Rose Cardamom MAGIC Liquid Soap and I almost went for the same fragrance again, however, I thought I would try something different and opted for Honeysuckle – which smelt very similar to Jasmine. I actually selected my scents based on them being something that Mr BB would use. Now, we didn’t technically make the soap, but we added the essential oil of choice to the Baby Mild Liquid Soap. We did look at and consider the ingredients in the soap though, which include –

  • Coconut Oil – to create the lather that the product is so well known for!
  • Olive Oil – to give a soft quality to the lather
  • Hemp Oil and Jojoba Oil – to mimic oils in the skin

This is my soap in the making – I love the almost crystalline structure you can see as the essential oil is suspended in the soap!


If you’re not familiar with Dr Bronner products, I cannot recommend their liquid soap as a starting point to the range highly enough! I also love the Shikakai Hand Soap for by the sink, because it has a pump, their Lip Balms are superb, and the Lavender Coconut Lotion is a new favourite of mine!

Have you tried any Dr Bronner products? Would love to hear your favourite! 

Available from drbronner.co.uk and drbronner.com Dr Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soaps All One