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Club Cleo Sculpt & Firm Body Cream on Biteable Booty

Towards to end of last summer, I began a trial of Club Cleo’s Sculpt & Firm Body Cream vs. Beyond Organic’s Hydrating Body Oil. As I suspected, the oil ran out way before the cream and I stopped applying the cream when the oil ran out. Knowing that these products don’t last forever I decided to give the cream another whirl, this time applying as any normal person would to both legs!

I’ve toned up and lost a fair amount of inches and weight since I began those trials last summer, partly down to my New You Boot Camp experience (watch out for my video series in the new year!), so the appearance of my cellulite has improved greatly but as I am sure almost every woman will agree when it comes to the legs there is always room for improvement! It may seem a bit out of season to be posting this now – but come next month I’m sure we’ll all be looking in the mirror starting our new year beauty and fitness regimes!

What’s in Club Cleo Sculpt & Firm Body Cream?

Sculpt & Firm Body Cream is very nutrient-dense and helps prevent free radical damage and promote cell regeneration. Club Cleo have formulated a rather potent product which contains several active ingredients to help burn fat, stimulate the circulation, improve skin quality, and the appearance of cellulite –

Grapefruit – is a lymphatic stimulant encouraging drainage and boosting blood circulation to the area

Collagen – we all know that collagen is a key component in the structure of our skin. It is uncertain whether collagen can enter through the skin as the molecule is considered too big in structure. Some companies claim to have found combinations of ingredients to aid with absorption and permeability, but whether Club Cleo are one of these I am uncertain

Vitamin E – the anti-ageing vitamin which plays the biggest role in the repair of damaged skin

Ivy – considered the best anti-cellulite ingredient, as it helps reduce water retention, is a boosts circulation, helps remove waste and fatty deposits from areas as well as assisting with the absorption of other products through the skin (this may be the ingredient which makes it worthwhile putting collagen in the product!)

Horse Chestnut Extract – another circulation booster, this also has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties, and is a key ingredient for venous health

Biteable Beauty’s Verdict on Club Cleo Sculpt & Firm Body Cream

Whilst I am adamant there is no cream that will make you thin permanently or burn your fat for you, there are creams that can assist with the reduction of fat in certain areas, and improve the appearance of the skin so that legs look healthier. I believe Club Cleo’s Sculpt & Firm Body Cream to be one of these. My skin’s appearance has improved, it’s smoother and stronger, and this was apparent after just a few applications. The tub lasted me a long, long time and a little goes a long way. The consistency of the cream means the product takes a while to work in to the skin, which is a good thing as there’s nothing like a long hard massage to help stimulate the circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage, two things sure to help with the battle against the bulgy thighs!

Club Cleo Sculpt & Firm Body Cream

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