An Introduction to the Brand Bodhi

It wasn’t until recently that I learnt how to pronounce the word “Bodhi”, when I went to the bloggers’ launch for Bodhi’s new product, Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil. I’d always assumed it was a play on the word “body” and should, therefore, be pronounced as such. But no, “Bodhi” should bee pronounced Bow-dee. The word is taken from Buddhism and is the understanding a Buddha has with regard to the nature of things. It is translated into English as “enlightenment” and its literal meaning is “just awakened”. There is also a Bodhi Tree, which is also known as the Sacred Fig or Bo Tree. This is often referred to as the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life.

About the Bodhi Collection of Bath & Shower Therapy Body Washes

I’ve been really impressed by this range of aromatherapeutic body washes. Made with essential oils sourced sustainably, there really is a body wash for each and every one of us. The range of fragrances is diverse and obviously inspired by exotic travels, with beautiful combinations of scents from different parts of the world. There are seven different fragrances and I have fallen in love with them all – despite all being very different. I’m going to give you a short description of them all now, in descending order of preference –

  • Bodhi Ylang-Ylang Incensa – I LOVE this body wash, it is absolutely divine. It carries the sensual notes of ylang-ylang and patchouli, as well as honeysuckle, pink peppercorn and neroli. Ylang ylang, patchouli and neroli are some of my favourite fragrances, and when combined with the spicy pink peppercorn, well it’s just lush! The scent stays on your skin after your bath or shower, but not in an overpowering way.
  • Bodhi Jasmine Falls – Another floral scent in the range – I tend to plump for this one if I’m taking a shower or bath in the evening. It’s a delicate blend of jasmine, lavender and vetiver – three more of my favourite fragrances – and I find it really relaxing and calming.
  • Bodhi Galangal Spice – I am transported back to Marrakech, Djemaa El-Fna, the main square in the medina, every time I use this body wash. We’d take a seat overlooking the square most afternoons, have a drink, watch the sun go down, go to eat in the market in the square and then go to one of the chai stands. Galangal is one of the key spices in the chai over there, and in this body wash it has been blended with cardamom and kaffir lime leaves to create a really earthy fragrance.
  • Bodhi Palmarosa Verde – a zingy blend of  Palmarosa, Bourbon Geranium and Bulgarian Damask Rose Otto to purify. It smells citrusy, floral and of freshly cut grass all in one bottle.
  • Bodhi Rosemary Chi – A lovely blend of rosemary, geranium, petitgrain and cedarwood oils, this is a lovely, balancing and revitalising body wash with a very green smell.
  • Bodhi Pep Noir – One for all the Molton Brown Energising Black Pepper Body Wash – I urge you to make the switch to this lovely natural alternative. Key notes of black pepper, white thyme and bergamot, I see this more as one for the gents, but I am sure some ladies would also indulge!
  • Bodhi Mint The – A revitalising blend of peppermint, marjoram and frankincense. This may have come last on my list, but I don’t dislike it at all! I’m also loving the Dr Bronner Peppermint Body Wash at the moment, read my review here.
Bodhi Bath & Shower Therapy Body Washes

More from the Bodhi Range

Bodhi also offer body moisturisers in four of the fragrances available in the body washes (Ylang-Ylang Incensa, Jasmine Falls, Rosemary Chi and Pep Noir), which I will tell you more about at a later date, and they also brought out their first skincare product recently as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil. Personally, I would LOVE to see some home fragrance products in these gorgeous fragrances – candles, incense and the like – fingers crossed!