Today I will be bringing you a Best of Beauty.

These two are the first products from the Sans[ceuticals] range that I have tried, and I am so glad I discovered this range! It will be stocked on my US website, – launching very soon (but taking a lot longer than expected, as is always the way!)


The shampoo is a rich, nourishing formula complete with hydrating and strengthening, and antioxidant-rich ingredients to care for hair, even colour-treated hair. There’s a Ceramide Complex made up of fats Glycosphingolipids & Phospholipids to help protect against environmental damage, heat and chemical treatments, improving softness, elasticity and shine; Vitamin A to normalise scalp function and oil production; Wheat Amino Acids to penetrate the hair shaft and bind moisture into the hair; and Sunflower Seed Extract, to neutralise free radicals, protect against sun damage and keep colour vibrant in both natural and colour-treated hair, is an excellent detangler, and improves moisture retention. The Hair Hydratant also contains all of these fabulous ingredients along with Mango Butter, which is rich in Proteins, Fats, B Vitamins which helps restore moisture to dry, wiry and full hair. With use of these two products in tandem, hair is left silky, shiny and soft, which is why I’ve named it to Biteable’s Best of Beauty.


Sans[ceuticals] offer some advice on their website, which I duly followed. For the Nourishing Hair Wash they recommended leaving the product on after lathering for a few minutes in order to let the nutrients absorb into the scalp and hair before rinsing. At this point, it’s important to mention that the lather is not as rich as some shampoos due to the formula being sulphate free, but that doesn’t stop the shampoo being effective at both cleansing and nourishing the hair! After leaving on for a few, I rinsed and then repeated. I didn’t use the conditioner on one occasion to put it to the test and left my hair to dry naturally and it was left completely self-managed. No kinks, no frizz, just soft and shiny hair! Now that’s what I call Best of Beauty! For the Hair Hydratant, Sans[ceuticals] recommend leaving the product on for 15 minutes for a treatment for dry and damaged hair. This also worked a treat on my tends-to-be-dry hair. But both work just as well when used normally as you would your regular shampoo and conditioner.

The aroma of these products is something I couldn’t quite place, but it’s rich, slightly sweet and has a freshness to it that you can only get (in my opinion) from a truly natural product. For those of you whose hair tends to be on the oily side there’s Balancing products, and for those with fine or flyaway hair there’s Volumising products. Click here to see the full range.

What is one of your Best of Beauty products?