I have to say that at first I didn’t quite “get” how to apply Bad Apple Cosmetics Nail Polish. I didn’t receive any literature with the gorgeous set of colours I was sent and I eagerly applied my first coat, waited till I thought that layer was dry and then reapplied. Sadly it messed up, for the first layer was not dry and I therefore did not get a smooth look or feel. I then set the products aside for a while, but after I heard a bit of a buzz online about the products I decided to give them another go, this time looking up exactly how I should apply them (which is easy when you know how!)

Firstly, make sure your nails are clean (as you usually would!)

Next, apply your first coat of nail polish, without applying a base coat first (I messed up here the first time!)

Leave for 8 minutes to harden completely (I also messed up here)

Apply second coat, using smooth strokes (and don’t be shy with the amount of product you use, it’s not a case of less is more with this product!)

Leave till dry, for fabulous gel like nails without the use of UV light or harsh bonding agents.

The nail polish finish is long lasting, and what’s great is the formulas are 5-free, containing no Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toulene, DBP or Camphor and they are made right here in the UK!

Here is the Ruby Apple on my fingers


and here’s the Jelly Pink Apple on my toes. It has to be said that on the toes the product lasts so long that it’s not from chipping that the necessity to repaint comes, it’s from the nail growth!


So, my advice to Bad Apple newbies would be – give it a go, be patient between layers and persevere! If you don’t get it right the first time, try again! I know I was glad I did.