Another beautiful Beyond Organic product I took with us to Turkey.  The formula is designed to help with all skin irritations – burns, inflammations, bites, cuts and grazes.  We were using it at the end of the day as an after sun, as it contains many soothing ingredients; calendula is healing and soothing; propolis is healing and promote cell regeneration; chamomile and walnut are known for their curative and healing properties; sea buckthorn oil is deeply penetrating.

The cream is very rich and a little goes a long way. My skin felt hydrated, soft and comfortable after use with no tightness. It’s two and a half months since we went on holiday and my tan is still going strong. I put this down partially to the time I put in to caring for my skin on holiday – the coconut oil I used for SPF (watch out for my post dedicated to the lovely coconut and its uses soon!) and this Rescue Salve.  A fabulous aftersun product however this is a product I will be investing in for winter to combat dry and dehydrated skin.

Beyond Organic Rescue Salve from £8.50